catholic debochary

January 3, 2017 Religion

Religion has played an important role in society since the dawn of man. Through out history, people have turned to religion as a way to make sense out of catastrophic events and to help guide them down a road that leads to the afterlife. Even as far back as 2000 B. C. religion was used in Egypt to control the local population and to explain the rising and flooding of the Nile River. Today, religion can be seen across the world varying from the Shinto religion of Japan to the Mormon religion of the western United States. The impact of religion is felt by everyone in the world, no matter what religion it is and where in the world you are.

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The problem with religion is that it isn’t always used for good. Most Americans can recall the recent problems with Islamic Fascists and the destruction these people caused on September 11, 2001. But not to say that only the extreme cases of religion cause problems. .

An atheist or agnostic could say that religion is an institution of man, in reality no different from any other man-made organization. It doesn’t shock them or bother them that religious leaders sin just as a corporate executive might. All it does is reaffirm their beliefs and give them grounds to wage war against the religious people of the world. To me this poses a serious question. People who give their life to the service of God should have the guidance to do God’s work. Take me for example, I make mistakes and sin all the time. My sins, although no worse or better than anyone else’s are the sins of a layperson. I am not a representative of God. So, if these people constantly ask for God’s guidance and are in an environment that should have God’s will as their priority, how do these crimes occur? One has only to look at one of the oldest religions, that of the Catholic Religion, and the problems it has caused and dealt with from its early inception to the modern era. .

One of the darkest times of the Catholic Church was immediately prior to the Reformation of Martin Luther.


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