“Cat’s eye” by Margaret Atwood Essay

July 11, 2017 Communication

This transition from Cats Eye by Margaret Atwood. illustrates the similitude between Elaine and Cordelia by comparing the misss and the old ladies in the tram. Detailed descriptions of the characters contribute to foregrounding different subjects like friendly relationship. masking 1s true individuality and the impression of clip. These are highlighted through assorted literary characteristics such as metaphor and imagination.

The transition shows a relationship between two misss. Cordelia and the storyteller. They seem to be friends in the transition as it is mentioned by the storyteller that [ they ] think [ they ] are friends. The phrase we think reflects the storytellers uncertainness about her friendly relationship with Cordelia. Yet. there are many mentions to them being about twin-like and indistinguishable in the manner they dress and act. Were imperviable. we scintillate. we are thirteen- the usage and repeat of the inclusive pronoun we further high spots their similitude. Even though they are friends. the reader is able to feel the storytellers lower status to Cordelia through her tone of voice. It is shown through her remarks such as I am about as good or that Cordelia is opaque and glittering that the storyteller admires or wants to be like Cordelia.

The elaborate descriptions of the visual aspect of the old ladies on the tram highlights the subject of shallowness. The descriptions show that the storytellers bias on people roots from their outer visual aspects. as shown in her observations such as some are creditably dressed and others are poorer and foreign looking. Further. her remark that Cordelia can state inexpensive fabric at a glimpse one time once more reinforces Cordelias high quality and her attitude towards shallowness. These attitudes of immature misss like the storyteller and Cordelia convey how biass are profoundly embedded in our society.

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Metaphors like costumes and phase props. were used to depict peoples willingness to mask their true individuality ; costumes are usually worn by histrions who are portraying person else. Description of the old ladies make-up farther high spots the subject of concealing a true individuality of one. The ladies on the tram dye their hair straw-blonde or baby-blue and their lipstick oral cavities are excessively large around their oral cavities. their rouge blotchy. [ and ] their eyes drawn screw-jiggy around their existent eyes. Their costume-like apparels and thick makeup like histrions on a phase let them to mask themselves from others.

They reflect some members of the society who do non wish to uncover who they truly are because they are afraid of what other people would believe about them. These descriptive linguistic communication and color imagination invite readers to prosecute the storytellers experiences ; bright colorss to deflect peoples attending to their outer visual aspect. Anything other than white is implicative. Besides. the two misss have oning work forces work socks inside their boots and have oning [ their coats with ] neckbands turned up to look like those of film stars shows their desire for glamor and outer beauty which signifier societys outlook of misss.

The impression of clip is another important factor in the transition. as can be seen through its construction. The first portion recounts the storytellers childhood and the 2nd is set in her maturity. when she herself has become like the old ladies. holding that [ oculus jobs ] now excessively. However. both the present and the past are written in the present tense. bespeaking that the memories of the storyteller when she was 13 still take an of import portion in her life. It is besides mentioned at the start of the transition that clip is non a line. This suggests that experiences that we had are non merely past. but stays within us to construct up what we are now.

This transition from Cats Eye by Margaret Atwood explores the subjects of friendly relationship. ego individuality and impression of clip through assorted literary techniques. Friendship. in concurrence with the impression of clip. is valued as a really large portion of life of the storyteller ; non merely the friendly relationship. but besides 1s memories of childhood are of import in a individuals life every bit good. The transition besides reflects biass in our society and how profoundly they are rooted in us through exemplifying people who wish to mask their true individuality. By leting us to research the storytellers experiences. the writer allows us to believe about the values of relationships and how we can work out the jobs of bias.


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