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November 18, 2018 Sports

Benefits of Video Gaming in Children and TeensCody GregoryComposition 1/NetEmily NoblinHave you ever wondered how video games effect young children and teens? Consider the fact that video games can have a positive effect on people’s kids! Today, everyone is going to learn about some of the beneficial effects they do have. Some of them include; hand-eye coordination, problem solving, quick thinking, developing reading and math skills, concentration, teamwork, and taking risks. The video gaming systems like the Wii and Wii Fit are great for young children and teens. The First reason why video games are beneficial is because it helps young children and teens have better hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. Video games, like Call of Duty, Halo, and Army of Two, teach people better hand eye-coordination, because they must keep track of the other shooter and whether they hit the person that they were shooting. He or she must have this skill to become a successful player. According to Ronaldo Tumbokon, “Playing action video games primes the brain to make quick decisions. Video games can be used to train soldiers and surgeons.” Video games teach people better problem-solving skills. When children are playing video games, like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Mind Jolt, they must come up with fun and creative ways to solve the problem.The second reason that video games are beneficial is because they can help develop reading skills, math skills and concentration. Video games like Mine Craft and Oregon Trail are very fun and popular games that can develop both reading skills and math skills. In these games, a kid must read and follow directions so that they can move on to the next step of the game. These types of games have been around for many years now, and some parents like their kids playing these skillful games because they are consistently learning new skills that will help them later in life. Video games also aid kids in developing concentration. Young children and teens learn this when they get started playing a game. This keeps young children and teens from giving up on things just because they don’t succeed the first time, so they just keep on trying until they are successful.Another reason is that video games involve teamwork and taking risks. Video games like Call of Duty, Halo, and NBA involve teamwork. These are just a few of the entertaining video games that teach kids about teamwork. In these games, young children and teens must work together to get to the next level. If teens and young children choose not to play together in these games, then they will never succeed and move to the next level. Video games like Halo and Call of Duty also involve taking risk. These games are just a few examples of how teens and young children must take risks to get anywhere. According to author Ronaldo Tumbokon, “Winning in any game involves a player’s courage to take risks. Most games do not reward players who play safely.” These games let kids know that sometimes in life, they are going to have to take risk.The last and main reason is that gaming systems, like the Wii and Wii Fit, will have young children and teens moving about and being active even if they can’t go outside. The Wii Fit is a way for kids to get up and exercise in the comfort of their own home. Young children and teens can play games that let them sky dive and walk tight ropes or even run around tracks that are nowhere near their homes. Games like Wii Sports can get kids started on sports at an early age. This game has sports like baseball, boxing, golfing and many more. Another interesting fact about this game is that teens and young children can play with friends and family. Games like Endless Ocean allow teens and young children to dive through the ocean and learn about things that they might not ever get to see. This is a wonderful gaming console that allows young children and teens to get to see the world or experience what its like in other cultures.Now that the beneficial effects of video games have been pointed out, parents should consider allowing their teens and young children to play for a little while throughout the day. This way, they are not only learning, but still having an enjoyable time, and everyone needs entertainment to keep their life more pleasant.


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