Causes And Issues Faced By Prostitution Sociology Essay

September 19, 2017 Sociology

Prostitution is by and large defined as the pattern of supplying sexual services for money, but because it requires a purchaser and a marketer it can more suitably be defined as the pattern of interchanging money for sexual services ( The Canadian Encyclopedia 2009 ) . Although most normally conducted by females for males, it may be performed by females or males for either females or males.


Prostitution has been described as the universe ‘s oldest profession ( Keegan, Anne 1974 ) . In ancient times and in some crude societies, harlotry frequently had spiritual connotations-sexual intercourse with temple maidens was an act of worship to the temple divinity. In Greece the hetaerae which means comrade were frequently adult females of high societal position, but in Rome the hetaerae were on a low societal degree and were forced to have on wigs and particular garments meaning their trade. In the Middle Ages harlotry flourished and licensed whorehouses were a beginning of gross to municipalities ( The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 2009 ) . By the terminal of fifteenth century, an eruption of pox in Naples swept across Europe and the prevalence of other sexually transmitted diseases causes the harden against harlotry ( Wikipedia 2009 ) . In 19th century, legalized harlotry became a public contention as France and so the United Kingdom passed the Contagious Diseases Acts, statute law mandating pelvic scrutinies for suspected cocottes. Prostitution was made illegal in about all provinces between 1910 and 1915 mostly due to the influence of the Woman ‘s Christian Temperance Union which was influential in the forbiddance of drug usage. Sexual activity touristry has emerged in the late twentieth century as a controversial facet of Western touristry and globalisation. Sex touristry is typically undertaken internationally by tourers from wealthier states ( Wikipedia 2009 ) .

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Type of harlotry


The cocotte solicits clients while waiting at street corners and park and walking aboard a street. It is serviced in side streets, vehicles, or short stay premises ( Kambiz Akhavan 2005 ) .


Clients reach sex worker straight by phone or via hotel staff. It is comparatively expensive because of low client turnover. Servicess are provided at client ‘s place or hotel room ( Kambiz Akhavan 2005 ) .

Sexual activity touristry

Sexual activity touristry is trips organized from within the touristry sector, or from outside this sector but utilizing its constructions and webs, with the primary intent of set uping a commercial sexual relationship by the tourer with occupants at the finish ( World Tourism Organization n.d. ) . Author Nils Ringdal ( 2004 ) stated that three out of four work forces which are between the ages of 20 and 50 who have visited Asia or Africa have paid for sex.

Other types of harlotry

Prostitution can be demand through assorted media including noticeboard, magazines, newspaper advertizements, ‘sex worker catalogues ‘ with nomadic phone Numberss and the cyberspace via practical whorehouses. Servicess are delivered largely in whorehouses and other indoor locales such as flats ( Kambiz Akhavan 2005 ) .

Causes of harlotry

Poverty and unemployment

Poverty and unemployment are seems to be the chief ground where adult female will take to come in the industry of harlotry. Hagan and McCarthy ( 1997 ) measured the relationship of harlotry to a figure of background factors, including age, gender, unemployment, hungriness, shelter, figure of times left place, length of clip on street and street friends arrested. They found that unemployment and deficiency of shelter were the more influential forecasters of come ining into street harlotry. Foreign illegal sex workers earn more than 10 times their usual pay in a period of a month ( Adrian Koh n.d. ) . This provided them sufficient income to back up their households and to obtain their basic demands. Due to deficiency of working experience, young person has less occupation chances in the market. This state of affairs has leaded them to a hapless fiscal state of affairs where they are forced to take to come in harlotry as this occupation can supply them with affluent income ( John Howard 2001 ) . In The Star ( 14 November 2008 ) , it is stated that two individual female parents became parttime cocottes to do terminals run into after their ex-husbands failed to pay care.

Woman has been tricked into harlotry

Most of the adult females who are lived in rural society earn lower income compared to adult females in urban countries. They are frequently tricked into harlotry with warrants of nice occupation chances in the metropolis or abroad. Therefore, they are attracted to the occupation in the metropolis offered by the jobber. There is besides a possibility where they are kidnapped and are so forced to work as cocottes ( Harvard manner 2008 ) .

Family outlook and job

Womans in peculiar are pressured to pay for their sibling ‘s instruction or back up a ill household member. Other facets such as dysfunctional households or changeless sexual maltreatment from parents have lead striplings to go forth their place. Runing off is frequently a endurance or defense mechanism mechanism that follows sexual maltreatment, and sexual maltreatment is a factor normally present among cocottes. Nadon, Koverola and Schudermann ( 1998 ) found that 68 % of female cocottes in their sample experienced childhood sexual maltreatment ( p. 214 ) . Foti ( 1994 ) compared kids who had and had non been sexually abused, and determined that the participants who were sexually abused as kids were twice every bit likely to go cocottes.

Careless parental attention

In order to supply a better instruction for kids, parents frequently send their kids to other states and allow them lease inexpensive suites. As a consequence, they are exposed to male marauders. Idleness after school and the absence of parents steering them through their prep causes the young person to pass their clip outside the house. In the procedure, there is a possibility where they will discourse things including doing easy money, sex and adult females ( Joseph Mulopi, Redemptor Atieno, Godfrey Rugumayo, Mary Nakirya & A ; Ednah Karamagi 2009 )

Advantage of legalisation of harlotry

Prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases ( STD ‘s )

Health jobs associated with harlotry, such as STD ‘s and HIV/AIDS, are normally assumed to be ‘risks of the trade ‘ . In the first case, this has led many people to presume that cocottes bear the primary duty for the extension of STDs in the general population. However, legalisation of harlotry can decidedly assist to diminish the opportunities of distributing HIV/AIDS and STD ‘s. In Nevada, where harlotry is legal, non one ( as of 1989 ) of the state-licensed cocotte has of all time tested positive for AIDS. A legalized system that shared the duty for safe sexual patterns with male clients and direction every bit good as sex workers could ease the function of wellness instruction. Furthermore, a regular monthly check-up and the usage of rubbers will be enforced to increase the public consciousness so as to forestall the spread of the diseases. Besides, whorehouse proprietors can be held accountable if a client contracts HIV and the cocotte trials positive for it ( Matthew 2007 ) . Medical studies are required for cocottes to attest the status of their wellness. As a consequence, the whorehouse will vie with each other, and the providers have strong inducements to guarantee that the ‘service ‘ that their clients receive is safe. Clearly, the spread of AIDS would be reduced by the legalisation of harlotry services.

Economic advantage

The ILO study called for harlotry and sex industries to be officially recognized as a legitimate economic sector because they are already integrated into the economic, societal and political life of states and contribute in no little step to employment, national income, and economic growing. A recent survey highlighted the fact that the international sex industry ‘s turnover can be cautiously estimated to be deserving at least US $ 20billion a twelvemonth. By multiplying the mean figure of minutess each cocotte has per twenty-four hours times the available working daies per twelvemonth times the mean measure the ability of bring forthing foreign exchange can non be underestimated ( Thomas & A ; Bob 2003 ) . Legalization of harlotry can advance touristry industry. This is because sex touristry is in high demand where sex tourer may go to a state specifically for sex. Thomas and Bob ( 2003 ) besides stated that it can non be denied that the sex industry can and has contributed to the attraction of certain tourer finishs. When sex tourer arrived at their finish, they are besides attracted to the local touristry topographic points apart from sex matter. Furthermore, this will increase the flow of foreign currencies into the state as sex tourer will pass for sex services, nutrient and adjustment. As harlotry is legalized, it is considered a occupation. Therefore, authorities can gain big sum of gross by taxing on the cocottes ‘ income. Donna ( 2005 ) found that “ In Stuttgart, where 2,700 cocottes are registered, whorehouses now pay a‚¬15 or a‚¬25 per twenty-four hours, per cocotte, to fiscal governments. The metropolis of Cologne receives approximately a‚¬700,000 per month from the whorehouses. ” As a consequence, authorities can utilize this ball amount of money to supply public assistance to the populace in order to increase the criterion of life of the state. Shame will non halt the harlotry profession. So, if it is unable to be stopped, the best solution is to legalized harlotry. For illustration, in Nevada and Netherlands, authorities collects revenue enhancement merely like other concern. By roll uping revenue enhancements, authorities has adequate money to pay for plans to assist adult female happen a way out of it ( Kambiz Akhavan 2005 ) .

Ensure cocottes ‘ workers ‘ rights

Sexual activity workers should bask the same labour rights as other workers and the same human rights as other people. Sex workers can merely derive the same rights as other workers when the argument is moved from a moral model and placed in the model of labour rights ( Kamboz Akhavan 2005 ) . As harlotry is legalized, cocottes will pay regular revenue enhancements on the same footing as other independent contractors and employees, and should have the same benefits. A cocotte should hold a consistent working hours, retirement pension and regular vacations, equal protection under the jurisprudence and improved on the job status. The World Charter for Prostitutes ‘ Rights ( 1985 ) stated that cocottes should be guaranteed “ all human rights and civil autonomies, ” including the freedom of address, travel, in-migration, work, matrimony, and maternity, and the right to unemployment insurance, wellness insurance and lodging ( Wikipedia 2009 ) .

Reducing offense rate

Legalization of harlotry would be a better manner to protect people in sex industry from colza and force ( Kamboz Akhavan 2007 ) . If harlotry is illegal, cocottes are unable to describe such offenses of maltreatment committed against them out of fright of being prosecuted themselves for the offense of harlotry. Clients and procurers are cognizant that cocottes are defenceless under the jurisprudence, so they are free abuse the cocottes as they please. If harlotry were legalized, these adult females could be protected under the jurisprudence from such force ( Matthew 2007 ) . It is estimated that if harlotry were legalized in the United States, the colza rate would diminish by approximately 25 % for a lessening of about 25,000 colzas per twelvemonth. There is strong indicant from the interview, papers analysis, and ethnographic informations presented that legal whorehouses by and large offer a safer working environment than their illegal opposite numbers. Regulated whorehouses offer peculiar ways of covering with matter-of-fact safety issues and minimising existent force. Nevada whorehouses besides offer specific mechanisms to protect workers via the ways minutess are organized, the ways engineering is ordered, the visibleness of clients, the bureaucratic relationships among clients, directors, and workers, and the cooperation with constabularies based on the mere fact of their legality. All of these mechanisms work to extinguish systematic force and to deter an ambiance of danger and hazard ( Kamboz Akhavan 2008 ) .

Classify harlotry as a legal calling

The stigma that is mostly attached to adult females in harlotry merely mirrors the low position and sentiment society confers on all adult females in general. Sexual activity workers will have some of the most utmost signifiers of debasement, maltreatment and force that all adult females are vulnerable to. Much of adult females ‘s work in the domestic and generative domains has been unseeable and devalued. As such, there is an pressing demand to acknowledge the generative labour of adult females as work in assorted sites. The credence and acknowledgment of harlotry as work is to acknowledge and formalize the world of adult females who are working in harlotry. Therefore, legalisation of harlotry can sort harlotry as a legal calling where cocottes can be treated every bit as other workers ( Rich 1997 ) .

Overcome resistance cocottes

Disadvantage of legalisation of harlotry

Promote the spread of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases ( STD ‘s )

When harlotry is legalized, regular check-ups are needed. Even if a cocotte is being tested every hebdomad for HIV, she will prove negative for at least the first 4-6 hebdomads and perchance the first 12 hebdomads after being infected. If we assume that he or she takes merely 4 hebdomads to go positive, because there is an extra slowdown clip of 1-2 hebdomads to acquire the consequences back, there will be at best a window period of 6 hebdomads for a cocotte. The mean cocotte services between 10-15 clients per twenty-four hours. This means that while the trial is going positive and the consequences are going known, that cocotte may expose up to 630 clients to HIV. The legalisation of harlotry besides protects adult females through enforceable rubber policies. But the fact is that, cocottes claimed that work forces will seek non to utilize rubber. In one of CATW ‘s surveies, U.S. adult females in harlotry interviewed reported the followers: 47 % stated that work forces expected sex without a rubber ; 73 % reported that work forces offered to pay more for sex without a rubber ; 45 % of adult females said they were abused if they insisted that work forces use rubbers. Prostitutes have increased hazard of exposure to HIV/AIDS and yet these diseases will be spread to another spouse. What happens to the household of a adult male who engages a cocotte ( lawfully or illicitly ) if and when he contracts an STD? What happens to the household if he contracts AIDS and spreads it to his married woman? What happens to the kids when they find out and finally lose their parents to a preventable disease? These effects should be taken in history if harlotry is legalized.

Brings physical and emotional injury to cocottes

The wellness effects to adult females from harlotry are the same hurts suffered by adult females who are subjected to other signifiers of force against adult females. The physical wellness effects include hurt such as contusions, broken castanetss, black eyes, concussions ( Janice 1999 ) . A study in the British Medical Journal about client force towards adult females in harlotry stated that of the 125 adult females in indoor harlotry contacted, 48 % had experienced client force. The types of force experienced included: slapped, punched, kicked, robbery, attempted robbery, beaten, threatened with arm, held against will, attempted colza, choking, kidnapped, attempted kidnap, forced to give client unwritten sex, vaginal colza and anal colza ( Women ‘s support undertaking 2008 ) . Violence will besides convey emotional wellness effects to cocottes. Sheila ( 1997 ) stated that these consequence included feelings of humiliation, debasement, befoulment and uncleanness. The prostituted adult females experienced similar troubles in set uping intimate relationships with work forces. They suffer negative effects on their gender, flashbacks and incubuss, every bit good as lingering frights and deep emotional hurting that frequently resembled sorrowing. An international study establishes that 67 % of cocottes show symptoms of post-traumatic emphasis syndrome ( Therese 2002 ) . Although the adult females are holding to sexual activity, this is unwanted sexual activity. In order to be able to make it, the adult females need to larn to disassociate. Dissociation can do permanent psychological injury. Womans who are non able to disassociate will utilize drugs and intoxicant to accomplish the same consequence ( Women support undertaking 2008 ) . Therese ( 2002 ) stated that certain surveies demonstrate the nexus between drug dependence and harlotry. Indeed, 75 % of the street cocottes in San Francisco are drug dependant, while 27 % are alcohol dependant. In the Atlantic Provinces, the rate of male and female cocottes who reported enduring from drug maltreatment is 50 % , while in the Prairies, the rate is 42 % .

Economicss issues

If harlotry is legalized, concern will lose clients who refuse to shop in country due to harlotry. The presence of cocottes negatively affects the country economic system, cut downing belongings values and restricting belongings usage. It will besides convey fiscal load to concerns that have to clean up after cocottes and their clients have gone at that place, purchase surveillance equipment, or pay for excess security ( Wynfred 2007 ) . Woman support undertaking ( 2008 ) stated that revenue enhancement equivocation may besides happen due to legalisation of harlotry. Pimps are merely non traveling to manus over the monolithic net incomes that are a portion of the industry. Prostitutes do non wish to register as a cocotte and pay revenue enhancement on money earned through unwanted sex. In add-on, legalisation has resulted in expensive legal challenges because no 1 wants harlotry zoned into their vicinity or near their kids ‘s school, as has happened in New Zealand in the past few old ages.

Causes human trafficking job

Owners of whorehouses and bodyguard bureaus want to gain money. They do non care if person is illegal or trafficked. Prostitution is a market based on demand and if there is a demand for illegal activity, so harlotry will be provided. In New South Wales, whorehouses were legalized in 1995. In 1999, the figure of whorehouses had increased exponentially to 400-500.The huge bulk had no licence to run ( Women support undertaking 2008 ) . Where harlotry is tolerated, there is a greater demand for human trafficking victims and about ever an addition in the figure of adult females and kids trafficked into commercial sex bondage. Although there was a belief that legalisation would do possible control of the sex industry, the illegal industry is now out of control. Police in Victoria estimated that there are 400 illegal whorehouses as against 100 legal 1s. Trafficing in adult females and kids from other states has increased significantly. The legalisation of harlotry in some parts of Australia has therefore resulted in a net growing of the industry. One of the consequences has been the trafficking in adult females and kids to provide legal and illegal whorehouses. The sex enterprisers have trouble enrolling adult females locally to provide an spread outing industry, and adult females from trafficking are more vulnerable and more profitable. This is the ground why legalisation of harlotry will do human trafficking job ( Kamboz Akhavan 2008 ) .

Against human rights

All human are equal and free. Regardless of the position and the wealth of the people, everyone ‘s organic structure is still every bit of import as the others. Human organic structure is invaluable and cherished. One should non dishonor cocottes ‘ organic structure. They should non fulfill their ain sex desire without sing other ‘s feelings.


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