CDA choice of language and the social

March 18, 2019 English Language

CDA according to Fairclough Model;
This column shows the nature of language that is closely related to the demands of the present world.The particular form of it taken by the grammatical system of language is closely related to the social and personal need that language is required to serve.
Fairclough proposes that CDA of a text should pass through the three stages of representations ,relations and identities.He concentrates on the relation between the choice of language and the social power. In the text the writer’s choice of words and tenses reflects a certain ideology and social background.

1)Textual analysis (Description);
In this column the writer used two main tenses (simple present tense and present perfect) in composing text that may help to convey his message.Column starts with the present perfect tense that indicates recent event which could have effect the situation as a whole. Most of the sentences are in simple present tense that expresses permanent fact.
He used the word English language again and again instead of other languages.
In this column most of the sentences are active and the agents are clear.The text contains positive sentences. The positive sentences refer to the latest figures of the government’s advocacy of the current system.
In second line of this column (it is believed that) shows impersonal structure and often associated with conclusion.
Prepositions; field of , institute of , opportunity for , pretence to, compare to
Nouns are For example ; English , language , life , English speaker, magician , Pakistan , students , class , world and society.Verbs are become , plays , believed , used , deliver , force , see , teaches and give.
2) Social analysis (Explanation);
The features of a text (vocabulary and grammar) are related to social power due to social and professional staus(L13 getting Job) and ideological patterns of Fairclough’s model. The relationship between text and power is mediated by ideology (Importance of English language).Ideology behind the text is the use of English language in present world and social benefits are getting jobs.
Last line (society give difference to that individual who is fluent in speaking English) shows the culture of society and power due to English language.
A language teacher can take some of Fairclough’s insights for the consciousness-raising of students of the relation between language and power along with more general methods of discourse analysis to achieve a modified approach to CDA for use in ELT.

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