Celia, a Slave Book Review Essay

September 14, 2017 General Studies

Celia. A Slave is a narrative that takes many different historical facts from the epoch that the book was placed in. and uses a slave named Celia’s narrative to bind them all in and demo how these events that didn’t straight affect her. would indirectly impact her. and the other slaves in this clip every bit good.

The writer. Melton A. McLaurin. non merely wrote the narrative of Celia in his book. but he besides focused on other historical events taking topographic point at the clip to back up his thesis that Celia’s instance demonstrated what was go oning on a planetary graduated table. He used facts such as the slave rebellions in Haiti and the Dred Scott determination to do a instance on why things were so difficult for slaves at the clip in the United States. and how they affected Celia. and her instance. McLaurin besides used different people and organisations like the Border Ruffians and the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid company to demo the civilization and society of the clip and topographic point of Celia’s narrative.

The slave rebellions in Haiti would indirectly impact Celia. Because the slaves revolted in Haiti. and really won. it came as a wakeup call to the Southerners. They knew that the slave population outnumbered their ain. and if they revolted against them. they weren’t certain if they would be able to halt them. This made the Southerners even stricter when it came to slavery. and less indulgent when it came to any types of flights. or interrupting of Torahs. This made it impossible for the jury in Celia’s slaying instance to believe that it she genuinely killed him in self-defence.

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The Dred Scott determination would straight impact her. because of the fact that the determination was still valid. and she. along with all the other slaves. weren’t protected by the U. S. Constitution. and were non considered U. S. citizens. This ruled out any statement that John Jameson. and the remainder of her defence. would come up with reasoning her constitutional rights. Alternatively. they brought up things like. how it would’ve been possible for her to kill a adult male of his size. and how it was possible that the organic structure would’ve been wholly disseminated in a fire in a affair of hours. Thomas Shoatman besides tried to attest that after she striked Newsom the first clip “he threw his manus up to catch her” . but the justice sustained prosecution expostulations to the suspects testimonies. because a bulk of the jury and the justice himself were all slave proprietors. This even came as a job for John Jameson at foremost. because he was supporting a slave when he had some himself. The thing that truly allowed him to associate to Celia though. was the fact that he had a girl. and he wouldn’t have wanted the same unfairness autumn on her if the functions were reversed.

The Border Ruffians showed the civilization and society of the clip in Missouri. The boundary line bullies would traverse over into Kansas and ballot for all things pro slavery related. and would crush Kansas citizens into voting for pro bondage every bit good. This was an illustration of the people that resided in Missouri. and how purpose they were on doing slavery legal in every bit many provinces as possible.

The Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company besides showed the civilization of the clip. but from the facet of people who didn’t want bondage. The company took advantage of the Kansas Nebraska Act to seek and acquire anti-slavery protagonists to settle in the Kansas district. to seek and do it a slave free province. The company was important in settling Kansas. and doing it a free slave province.

The book was a good read. though a spot insistent at times. and educated the reader about different issues at the clip of Celia’s instance that would impact her. and besides affected slaves lives in at the clip. It besides would educate the reader to what it was like to populate in the clip of Celia’s instance. and acquire an penetration on what it was like for her. and others.


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