Cell phones Affecting Reading Comprehension Essay

July 20, 2017 Engineering

Over the old ages. cellular telephones have been a great influence to Filipinos. and particularly to the pupils. The detonation of cell phone usage in the last few decennaries has been amazing: In 1988 there were about 500. 000 cell phone endorsers in the US ; by 1993 this had grown to 13. 000. 000. By 2006 there were 223 million cell phone users ( World Wide Web. controlyourimpact. com ) . This marks that cellphone one of the great engineerings made by discoverers and was made of import to every Filipinos.

Within merely a few old ages a significant proportion of the world’s population has adopted a new engineering that involves puting a little wireless sender up against the caput. in some cases for hours a day” . said by Prof. Kenneth J. Rothman ( World Wide Web. controlyourimpact. com ) . Filipinos. particularly pupils today. have been utilizing cellular telephones for texting and naming. Most of them excessively play games in cellular telephones. But. cellular telephones have disadvantages to every pupil. One disadvantage they may take in mundane utilizing of cellular telephones is the ability to weaken their reading comprehension.

In most high schools. the bulk of the pupils own a cell phone. Whatever the regulations are at their school about cell phones. pupils use them. Sometimes they are caught by their instructors. but most of the clip. pupils get off with it. This distracts pupils from their lesson and makes them hold to re-focus all over once more ( voices. yokel. com ) . This besides distracts pupils to understand their lessons and they find it hard when it comes to reading comprehension. Most of the pupils find themselves busy in texting and naming.

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Because of these. they don’t have clip to read books and makes their surveies flat. This marks that cellular telephones may hold been a bad illustration to some pupils. Merely some pupils enjoy themselves in reading books. Students who lack in reading comprehension show that they have been affected by cellular telephones. As clip goes on. cellular telephones alteration and it makes Filipinos attract and purchase them. which makes cellular telephones popular to all of us. It is non the cellular telephone that makes pupils pull them. it is the visual aspect and their new applications that make the pupils buy them.

Before. cellular telephones is merely used for naming and texting. and merely computer keyboards are used to type messages ago. This century. the twenty-first century. cellular telephones are manner excessively different from the cellular telephones old ages ago. The cellular telephones presents are touch screens. or the 1 that has “QWERTY” computer keyboards. Cellular telephones who are largely illustration of these are IPhone. Blackberry. and Samsung. These cellular telephones have been popular to most of the citizens of the Philippines. Even pupils have these trade names of cellular telephones. It is because of their applications and their visual aspects.


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