Cell Phones: How Have They Changed Us Socially Essay

August 13, 2017 Music

Cell phones have been called “one of the most technologically persuasive influences” over recent decennaries ( Addo 2013 ) . No affair where one looks. he or she can see people utilizing their phones in one manner or another. The cell phone has become an indispensable communicating tool that is being used worldwide. Harmonizing to Pew Research. “cell phones are now being used by 91 % of grownups in 2013” ( Brenner 2013 ) . The research besides states that “56 % of American grownups have smartphones. ” Pew Research even conducted a study which indicates that “youth ages 12-17 put their cell phone acceptance at 78 % ( and 37 % of all teens have a smartphone ) ” ( Brenner 2013 ) . It is difficult to conceive of our lives without cell phones. but it wasn’t really long ago that they were introduced to society. The history of the cell phone goes back 40 old ages. The first cell phone was created by Martin Cooper of Motorola. He made his first radio phone call on April 3. 1973. to his rival Joe Engel. caput of research of Bell Labs ( Buck 2013 ) . The phone Cooper used weighed 2. 5 lbs ; it was 10 inches long ; and it had a battery life of lone 20 proceedingss. In 1983. the first cell phone ( Motorola Dynatac 8000X ) was sold to the populace.

The monetary value ticket for the phone was a astonishing $ 3. 995. 00. Over the passing old ages. the size of cell phones have become smaller and the monetary value tickets for these devices have besides decreased. Smart phones are the most popular type of cells phones in current public circulation. In 1983. cell phones were designed for one intent merely: to do phone calls. In present times. smart phones are capable of executing a figure of different maps. They allow users to non merely do phones calls. but besides to direct text messages and image texts. send and receive electronic mails. have face-time. play music and games. and entree the cyberspace. There are new versions of phones being released annually and the engineering is turning merely every bit quickly. Cell phones are holding an impact on society in footings of making an enlightening. connected. culturally advanced society. and are besides impacting personal lives of users in many ways including clip usage. privateness. safety and individualism. One positive impact cell phones have on society is the ability to maintain in touch with household and friends.

Another is the ability to be more cognizant of what is go oning in the universe around us ( by entree to the cyberspace ) . One of the negative impacts are the effects of texting and drive. This is particularly common among adolescent drivers. Another negative affect is several people are overdriving. misusing. and even mistreating their usage of cell phones. However. when used responsibly. cell phones are a really of import and necessary factor of today’s society. Cell phones have an consequence on the manner that persons function in society. and while at that place has non been a batch of research on the effects of cell phone usage. it has both positive and negative effects ( Addo 2013 ) . Cell phones. in their short clip of being. hold changed the manner in which persons are interacting with each other. Cell phones have allowed societal webs and relationships to be strengthened every bit good as new relationships to be formed ( Addo 2013 ) . They have provided avenues for persons to remain connected on a new degree that does non depend on infinite and clip. but is readily accessible at anytime. anyplace.

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