Cell Phones

June 4, 2018 Communication

Cell phones have become a very crowd-pleasing technological device through the years. Nowadays it is uncommon for an individual not to own one. However, the fact that the use of cell phones damaging the social aspect of today’s society is becoming a major issue. Most people believe that the increasing use of the cell phone is improving society more and more every day. Although, studies have shown that the excessive use of cell phones is ruining the social lives of the society. Cell phones are used on a daily basis, for most it is their whole live.

The problem is that the society relies on this device for everything, they cannot live without it. This is playing a major factor in people’s interaction with others and even worse; their relationships. Not only has texting improved communication between friends, but also between parents and children. Children in today’s times know a lot more about using these devices than parents (Lane). Therefore, Parents generally need their child’s assistance to help them learn how to operate it. In return, this allows parents andchildren to have a certain bond and talk to each other more often than they did.

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Since cell phones have become so popular in the world there has been an enormous decrease in face to face interaction [http://www. michigandaily. com/news/‘u’-researchers-identify-linkbetween-cell-phones-and-socialization-habits] (GOSCICKI ). It is important for people to have that face to face interaction because being anti-social and hiding behind a cell phone is not a healthy aspect of life. This does not apply to just texting but also mobile applications such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In the past before cell phones became so popular, when at a restaurant a family would be sitting, eating, and talking together about a lot of different topics. Today, when people go out to eat, everyone is on their cell phones, and the table is silent. Once they are finished, they just get up and leave, sometimes without even saying a word to one another. Even when out at other public places, people today are less likely to make conversations with strangers and make friends because society is becoming afraid of that face-to-face communication (GOSCICKI ).

Unfortunately, this is what is becoming the normal situation in today’s society. Having a cell phone has made it easier to keep in touch with your significant other while you are away from them. You have the ability to text them, call them, or do whatever is necessary to communicate with them. Studies have shown that on average more text messages are sent and received then phone calls, which is no surprise [http://www. healthguidance. org/entry/11764/1/Do-Mobile-PhonesImprove-Relationships. html. ] (LeMouse). For the most part, couples are away from each other mostly when http://effectsofcellphonesonsociety.

It is hard to imagine the fact that cell phones are a lead cause to cheating on your loved one. It is in fact one of the main causes for divorce and break ups. Having a cell phone gives more privacy than a computer. Having that kind of access to the internet, come along with consequences as well. Access to social networking websites allows communication with anybody in the world at any time. [http://www. helium. com/items/832819relationships-cell-phones-communication-issues] When people have that kind of access, they think that they can get away with anything, when they really cannot (Young).

Sadly, today the divorce rate is higher than it ever has been. Cell phones play a major role in that statistic. There has been controversy as to whether or not texting somebody other than your loved one is considered cheating. The one who is guilty will say that they are not in the wrong and that it is not considered cheating, however their partner will seem to think otherwise. Studies have shown that it is not the text itself that is considered cheating but it the actions that texting leads to. Having a cell phone exposes you to millionsof opportunities and most people take these advantages


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