Celta Intro

By December 2, 2016 Psychology

It is highly promising to engage in teaching English to the speakers of
vernacular languages , in terms of scope to reside and work in foreign
countries . Most try to seek the thrilling scope of residing and working
abroad . The elementary teacher training course namely the Certificate in
English Language Teaching to Adults – CELTA is intended for those who do
have less or even virtually no language teaching experience and it
enables them in preparing them for the profession of English Language
Teaching . The CELTA course is one of the very important qualifications
in the British English Language Teaching industry and is being
acknowledged globally by both institutions of the private sector and
public teaching . It is extensively acknowledged to be the most crucial
and valuable types of training in TEFL . The CELTA course is spread over
35 nations globally generating around 7000 eligible teachers annually .
Progressively , the candidates joining CELTA are professionals who are
either looking for a new career opportunity or desirous of taking a
short pause in their current career . One desirous of pursuing English
Language Teaching as a career can take CELTA as an elementary training
program for attaining a better faculty position in another nation or
after attaining a graduate degree when one may be trying to pursue a
good career that entails a strong base in the basics of the language
teaching experience and provides one the necessary self-assurance to
take control in the classroom , CELTA would be best option available .
In contrast to the traditional teacher education , the CELTA course is
designed with special stress on philosophy , psychology as well as the
deviation of theoretical knowledge and that of practice . The course has
also been quite strongly affected by various strategies like humanism as
also neurlinguistic programming giving rise to a specific approach that
lays a concentrated emphasis on the learners with the priority on the
formation of comfortable and relaxed circumstances in which they can
function in an active and associated manner . While the CELTA has since
long been associated with training people to teach the adults instead of
children , there appears to have a little requirement to address the
difficult issues of school teaching like maintaining discipline within
the classroom . The outcome of the varied factors , that have shaped the
growth and thereby the output of the course , have inclined to promote an
eclectic approach towards teaching that has at its base a reaction
against most of the methodology conventionally being followed in
schooling .
There exist five primary sections of learning for the learners at CELTA
such as the “learners and teachers and the teaching and learning
context the language analysis and awareness language skills reading ,
listening , speaking and writing planning and resources for different
contexts and developing teaching skills and professionalism . A
substantial amount of time is normally accorded to language awareness
that entails the learners with a fundamental understanding of as well as
the terminology for language description as well as an admiration of the
method of its teaching…


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