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Oklahoma Online Censorship
Naturally when the controversial topic of Free Speech arises people think about protests against abortions or the way the world was made. These all are imperative debates however, into days contemporary world the problem with free speech has become a social networking ordeal.
Everyday millions of people log on to social networking sites such as the prominent Facebook network and layout their lives and views. Lately, a number of debates have formed about the content people post on their personal sites and if its acceptable. The fact is any person should be permitted to post what they like in a respectable manner as long as it doesn??™t harm another person
The reason Social Networking has become the number target for Freedom of Speech arguments is that it embodies the whole ???you???. Pictures, statuses, likes, dislikes, political views, and current conversations are just a few of the expressions you can relay to other on social networking sites. What makes material a person may post offensive though can range immensely.
In a recent document, Spanish teacher Ginger D??™Amico was suspended from her duty of teaching without pay for pictures posted of her at a party. The school board said that her actions were unacceptable and had to be punished. ???In July the 37-year-old DAmico got good news. The American Civil Liberties Union won a $10,000 settlement from the school district ??” including $5,000 for legal fees ??” which also reimbursed her for lost wages and wiped clean her personnel record.???(Clemmit)
American Justice had a different view when it came to the freedom of expression. D??™Amico should be allowed to post any party pictures she desires. The picture never caused any harm to anyone except for maybe Ginger D??™Amico who wanted it up on the social network site.
The school could stand the grounds that the picture could besmirch its reputation. This is completely understood however, what a person posts on their ???personal??? site shouldn??™t be used against them just as their view in an argument shouldn??™t be undermined. Peoples personal social networking website is ???their??? view of themselves and shouldn??™t be used against them in any manner.
Personal expression isn??™t the only tool a social networking site enables a person with. Recently on the Campus of Oklahoma University a man made a political group that was titled ??? F*** Obama, let??™s move to Mexico???. The group was a hit and stirred up many students and their political views. Politics is founded on ideals of a group and arguments are the fuel on which it runs. So naturally this Facebook group was bound for controversy.
The debate on whether or not people should move to Mexico just because of a new President hastily turned hostile with students. People started accusing the creator of the group of being a racist and chauvinistic. The creator claimed to be only opinionated in political terms and race had nothing to do with it.
After a few weeks of a fierce debate the group was deleted and the hostile argument ended without any conflagrations. The student did have the right to say how he felt about the current President situation yet took an exploitative approach. Students should discuss their political views and express their feelings in a respectable manner.
Also looking into this story students heavily criticized and made claims toward the creator. This also can be viewed as and infringement on personal speech. Another example could be if a civilian were to publicly claim that the Governor of North Dakota was chauvinist. Students should keep their personal feelings towards another person off the web. Personal views can be shared as long as they are represented in a respectable manner.
As everyone should expectantly know the First Amendment in the American Constitution is that in the United Stated of America it??™s citizens have the liberty of free speech. The First Amendment that gives the Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression was ratified on December fifteenth seventeen ninety one. The world has changed since then and the ways people express themselves have also.
The thought about changing or revamping the First Amendment have become more evident. This reform could help qualm some of the disputes people are having especially on the Internet. Since Social Network sites are a new medium in social interaction new ways of controlling it are need, if possible. ???Even if a Website ???behaves perfectly and respectfully when it comes to a young persons data, it is entirely possible that someone in another country will gain access to data about that same person and will disclose it in harmful ways,??? they wrote. ???True solutions ??¦ will have to be global.??? (Clemmit)
It??™s true that if we were to ever come up with ways to protect people speech online it would have to be global. Other countries however don??™t even have the right of free speech therefore making this task daunting. In the end Freedom of Speech is a tool to enable people to legally try and let someone else see their view of whatever it may be. This Amendment has made America the great country it is and that it will continue to be. The only thing that could wreck this tool is when people cross the line with what they express. That is why it is a personal responsibility to remain respectful when expressing your views. Even if laws can??™t be made globally to censor the web, people know globally what respect is and how to use it.

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