Cert Ed Bibliography

Casey, H. et al (2006)


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1. National Research Council Committee on Learning Research and Educational Practice (2000). How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press. | Edited by John Bransford, Ann Brown, and Rodney Cocking summarizing recent developments on learning research. A must-read. |
2. Sawyer, R. K. (Ed.) (2006). The Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences, Volume One. Cambridge University Press. | How educators can use the learning sciences to design more effective formal and informal learning environments. 648 pages. |
3. Schunk, D. H. (2007). Learning Theories: An Educational Perspective (5th Edition). New York: Prentice Hall. | A good summary of major learning theories. |

The Journal of the Learning Sciences | An official peer-reviewed journal of the International Society of the Learning Sciences, published by Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates. Edited by Janet L. Kolodner. |
The International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning. | A relatively new peer-reviewed journal founded by the International Society of the Learning Sciences. Edited by Friedrich W. Hesse & Gerry Stahl. |
Technological Horizons in Education | Full text articles on technology in the classroom. |
The Harvard Educational Review. | An interdisciplinary journal about education??™s most vital issues, with circulation to practitioners, lawmakers, researchers, and administrators. |

Websites |
Name | Description |
How People Learn | Free Online E-text of Bransford, Brown, and Cocking??™s book. |
MIT Open Courseware | MIT??™s web based course materials (over 1500 searchable course pages ??” slides, handouts, materials) available free of charge. |

Casey, H., Cowan, S.,?  Evans, K., Sagan, O.,? Waite, E. (2007) Putting good practice into practice: literacy, numeracy and key skills within apprenticeships (Part 2)
Cara, O., Casey, H., Eldred, J., Grief, S., Hodge, R., Ivanic, R., Jupp, T. (2006) You wouldnt expect a maths teacher to teach plastering…
Functional Skills
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A journal to inform and improve practice ??“ Teaching in Lifelong Learning volume 3 issue 1 2011-Denise Robinson HUDCETT
Journal of adult and Continuing education ??“ volume 17, number 1 2011- Manchester University press

Key concepts in adult Education and Training ??“ Malcolm Tight 1996 ??“Routledge /London

AV Kelly 2009- The Curriculum Theory and Practice 6th edition- Sage Publications – London



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