Certain feminists believe that

January 22, 2017 Education

Certain feminists believe that women are universally oppressed and disadvantaged. Do you agree? Discuss with reference to:.

The origins.

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The consequences of oppression .

What is feminism? There are many different interpretations of the word ‘feminism’. However, most people agree that feminism is the theory that men and women should be equal politically, economically and socially. The feminist movement is a group of men and women who believe in feminism and are trying to eliminate the inequality between men and women. The one idea that unites all feminists is the belief that women, as a group, experience unequal treatment in society. Feminists try to discover the causes of inequality; many attempt to identify problems and orchestrate changes in the oppressive structures and institutions within their societies. Since the ratification of the nineteenth amendment, our society has changed completely especially for women. Since the 1920s our society has seen many changes for women such as the importance of higher education, namely college, a huge increase in working-class women, a media that caters to women, knowledge about sexuality, birth control, and changes within the family unit.

Currently, there are many different expressions of feminism, but the core value of feminism remains. To be feminist is to actively recognize the need for, and work to create equality for women. By definition, there is no dependence upon female superiority, man-hating, or other negative approaches toward equality. Feminism is simply a movement intending to enlighten people with a goal of improving the quality of life for women and their society. However, many people possess images of feminism that fit into the previously mentioned destructive patterns. The confusion about feminism is a result of many factors. .

Women have been oppressed for as long as history. This oppression is a very similar tragedy to the oppression that occurs daily towards all kinds of minority groups, but women are not a minority group.


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