“Secret Language” of the gay

May 6, 2019 General Studies

“Chaka”, “chopopo”, “eme”, “wit”, “kalurky”, “shala”, “charot!” are just some of words that the Gays in our society speak nowadays. These words are now often used in televisions and radios as an entertainment strategy. This “Secret Language” of the gay in our community arose and began to spread in our country Philippines. Brought by the people’s curiosity of what were the meaning of those words, women, yound and old, and even straight men are also having fun of using these words in their daily conversations.

According to Gianan et al., 2010, Gay Lingo that is also known as Swardspeak is define to be dynamic, original, creative and flexible. Because of its characteristics, everyone are hooked by its alluring, funny and witty style when spoken. According to Wikipedia, Swardspeak is an argot or cant slang derived from Taglish and used by a number of homosexuals in the Philippines. But where and from whom does this Gay speak began? Studies say that this language started long ago but words came from different sources.

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Everyone are sure to wonder why there are homosexuals in our society. Why there are men that thinks that they are women by heart and women who say that they know that they are one of those men but are born with the wrong body.

“Hindi nanganganak ang mga bakla pero patuloy silang dumadami.” This statement is often heard in our towns when gays are passing through. Number homosexuals in our community grows outrageously fast. This may be he reason why they are slowly being accepted in our society in the present. But how and why they are existing? Because this question is often asked, Science finds its way to answer the people’s curiosity of the very existence of the homosexuals in our community. “Hormonal influences are also complex; sex-determining hormones are produced at an early stage of fetal development, and if prenatal hormone levels are altered, phenotype progression may be altered as well, and the natural predisposition of the brain toward one sex may not match the genetic make-up of the fetus or its external sexual organs.”

Science explains that the existence of gays in our society is caused by a mental disorder or an inaccurate development of their brain about their gender.

When we talked about gays, words like talkative, cheerful, loud, and friendly directly comes to our mind. This personalities might be the reason why they are likely to have bunch of friends and are accepted in the society. They say that boredom never comes their way whenever they are with gays. Bekis are often described as an entertainer and this is why their language, Swardspeak is loud and booming in our society nowadays.

Gay lingo is very popular to youths. The fact that it is spoken almost everywhere in our society, students also speak this language in school. But what will happen if these future successors solely adapted this newly-sprouted language in their academic life? When this language is often spoken by students, the probability of them being hooked forever with this language is undeniable.


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