Change and the World Changes for You

June 28, 2017 July 6th, 2017 Management

Miscellaneous Research Papers Change And The World Changes For You

CHANGE AND THE WORLD CHANGES FOR YOU! The famous social worker THE MAHATMA of our country said a famous adage “BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD” for us to adhere.

Change is not going to come if we wait for some other person, or if we are waiting for some other time we are the ones for whom we were waiting for, we are the change that we seek. One man is enough to cause a revolution in the world; MAHATMA abridged his thoughts in a single adage. Being a normal person one can become MAHATMA in life which not only be an acme for there life but also for this world. Mother Teresa said “I alone cannot change the world but can cast a stone which can cause many ripples in the water”, even one contribution can lead this world a step further towards success.

Each an every person in this world thinks adrift towards Is this essay helpful? Join OPPapers to read more and access more than 470,000 just like it! get better grades world but not with a new hope and aim which the world needs. The coming generation plays a crucial role in changing the world for a better leaving for which we need to make a change in the environment. The coming generation should be a dynamo to make a change in this world. No matter from where we are and what we do but we can always change and become a better version of our self.

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A tiny change today can make a dramatically change tomorrow. Each and every person in this world needs to pass through uncomfortable Tran sessions to place this world in a better position. Meanings 1. Adage – proverb or saying 2. Adhere – abide 3. Abridge – to shorten by using for fewer words 4. Acme – the highest point of achievement 5. Adrift – aimless 6. dynamo- a very energetic person Read Full Essay Already a Member? Login Now » This essay and over 470,000 other free essays are available now on OPPapers. com. Submitted by: farha15 • Date Submitted: 08/25/2011 07:01 AM • Category: Miscellaneous • Length: 2 pages (303 words) • Views: 244 • Rank: 480 • Report this Essay • Save Paper • • Related Essays • b. f Skinner’s Waldo Two… • Women Who Changed The… • The Power Of One: One… • How Did World War 2 Change The • The Changing World Of Women • Climate Change And World… • How Did World War One… • Japan Changes From… • Wwi-Wwii Events That… • How The Hippies Changed… • How Our World Is Changing • These Teachers Change The… Literacy In An Ever… • Pope John Xxiii: a Partner… • Changing The World • Brave New World As Huxley… • Tesla And Iter Will Change… • Printing Press And a… • 5. Technology Changes The… • What Were The Causes And… • The Impact Of Information… • Climate Change, Coral… • Changes In The Working… • How Changes In Technology… • How To Change The World • Internet: Technology Which… • Death Of a Salesman And… • How Did The First World… • How Does Cranes Explain… • Realism Vs. Idealism: How…

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