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April 23, 2019 Education

Life is full of changes. Changes happen to every one of us in our daily life. In the dictionary, change is defined as “to make or become something different” (Merrian-Wester Dictionary). In this section, we are going to learn how can change affect us in our personal and organizational life, and how to address change positive.
Personal changes can be very hard sometimes. It can be the loss of a friend or family member, financial problems, or the change in a relationship status. People in all these cases are being pushed to a new zone through change. In the book “Human Relationships: Strategies For Success” (Lamberton and Minor) the writer explains how they are seven major life changes: loss, separation, relocation, a change in a relationship, a change in direction, a change in health, and personal grown. The writer also explains how no every change has to be negative. For example, this year I moved to Jacksonville, and last-year my wife and my son moved to Miami from Cuba to live with me. Although on both occasions it was something positive for our life, they both brought big change to our life that we had to adapt in order keep going.

At the same time changes can happen to in our workplaces too. Usually, any company that wants to keep going in the future needs to adapt to change too. As in our personal life, changes in the workplace can be positive and negative. They both may add stress to your workdays, so you have to be very careful and positive in order to get the best out the changes that are happening. In my last job, I went from something similar. I got a promotion, and I got in a new position without two months of being in the company. Although it was only as an assistant manager, it was a big deal for me. I had to be in charge, and I had to work managing a team. It was something that I did not know how to do, and I was very nervous about. However, I decide to read and study how to be a good, fair and responsible manager. I start studying and learning how to accept this change in a positive way in my life instead of it making me miserable. As a result, I was an excellent manager, according to my coworkers. They all love working with me, and they even make me a goodbye surprise party when I move to Jacksonville. On another other hand if I would have taken this change in a negative way. I would have started complaining and finding problems with my new position, I would Probably never stay there for more than 2 weeks.

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In this next example, I saw both types of people reacting to a new change in the company. After I was working in the company for about 6 months. The company starts rolling out a new stocking program for the grocery store. It was a big change for the employee and the managers. In this program, the managers will have to watch more careful productivity of the employee, and as a team in everyday work. I was almost new to the company, so I decide to learn and give it a try to the way that things needed to be done. However, some of the other managers that were in the company doing things on the other way for more than 10 years refused to even try the new program. As for a result, there were always getting in trouble with the district and general manager, and they had a harder time getting used to the new program. In my case, it was different because since the beginning I had decided to take the change in a positive way. I would not have said that it was a piece of cake to me, but I would have said that although I made some mistakes along the way, it was an easier road for me than for the people that decided not to give it a try.

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