Changes in demand of different Industries

Following informations will grounds of the alteration in supply of oil in following few old ages. On the supply side, the production of oil has responded sluggishly, compounded by production deficits associated with geopolitical agitation in states with big oil militias. As it is really hard to trust on replacements for oil in the short term, really big monetary value additions have occurred as the market balances supply and demand.

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Charts above are from the July 2008 Interim Report on Crude Oil, from the Interagency Task Force on Commodity Markets.

From the above charts I can state from the fiscal twelvemonth 2002/2003 to the fiscal twelvemonth 2007/2008 demand for oil will increase in 30 % while supply of oil will increase to 15 % . So the monetary value of the oil barrel additions from the fiscal twelvemonth 2002/2003 to the fiscal twelvemonth 2007/2008 addition to 40 % . Largely high oil monetary values are a consequence of geopolitical factors and polishing jobs instead than market basicss. When sing the high demand is because of no inexpensive option at the motion.

In the short tally supply is sufficient. But in the long tally decidedly supply is deficient. So need to increase in production of oil.

So the Supply curve will be,

Decrease in Supply.


This construct is wholly based on the engineering which is turning quickly. The estimated demand for the twelvemonth 2004 was ? 6.3 billion. In twelvemonth 2008 it ‘s bit by bit increase up to ? 17 billion. That ‘s agencies within 4 old ages period Internet shopping has

Increase more than 250 % .

These are the factors that consequence to the immense addition in demand for Internet Shopping.

There are so many assortment trade names for same merchandises.

Peoples find it convenient to shop online.

No clip devouring.

Peoples can take lowest monetary value for their purchase merchandise.

Peoples feel more secure when does the online shopping because there are assorted selling ordinances are being imposed which gives a client a right to cognize who they are covering with.

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So the Demand curve will be,

Addition in Demand.


The market for the movie and camera will come in to diminish in following few old ages. Harmonizing to the research worker IDC, Demand for digital cameras will decelerate over the following few old ages as the market enters a adulthood stage, and the market will get down to shrivel by the twelvemonth 2011.

Further IDC said Global cargos of digital cameras rose 15 per cent in 2006, driven by strong demand for advanced theoretical accounts and in emerging markets, but growing is expected to decelerate to 8 per cent in 2007, and the market will shrivel in the twelvemonth 2011.

“ We predict a lag, driven by a complete impregnation of all parts, making negative growing in 2011, ” said Christopher Chute, an analyst at IDC.

But cargos of digital single-lens physiological reaction ( DSLR ) aimed at partisans and professionals are expected to stay strong, with mean growing of about 9 per cent to 8.5 million units in 2011, IDC said.

Japan ‘s Canon and Nikon control more than 80 per cent of the universe ‘s DSLR market. Major participants in the overall digital camera market include Sony, Olympus and Fujifilm.

The universe demand for Film and Camera market will diminish due to the state of affairs of all parts market.

Demand curve for Film and Camera

Decrease in Demand.

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Demand for Video ( VHS ) Rented from retail mercantile establishments will be diminishing. The chief factor for that is the Price of the DVD will cut down.

Following informations will grounds of cut downing the Demand for Video ( VHS ) Rented from retail mercantile establishments.

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If we consider the twelvemonth 2004 to twelvemonth 2006, can clearly see the lessening in Demand for Video ( VHS ) Rented from retail mercantile establishments. Rental minutess on VHS from 172.5m in 2004 cut down to 11.7m in 2006. Peoples are move to lease DVDs alternatively of VHS. And besides DVD rented monetary values are cut downing signifier a‚¬ 3.26 to a‚¬ 3.22. So the entire disbursement on DVD lease increased to a‚¬ 2.3353 m. On the other manus disbursement on VHS rental reduces to 11.7 m.

Factors that affect to diminish in Demand for Video ( VHS ) Rented from retail mercantile establishments.

Monetary value of the DVD lease reduced.

Online films have coming to the image.

There are so many pirated transcripts on the Internet.

So the Demand curve for Video ( VHS ) Rented from retail mercantile establishments.

Decrease in demand

e. Pay – per – position telecasting scheduling.

WOWOW is one of the taking suppliers of wage per position Television scheduling which uses a broadcast medium orbiter. So I ‘m speaking about the WOWOW as a theoretical account of wage – position telecasting scheduling. WOWOW growing of orbiter broadcast medium service has

Become decreased. When we consider the followers figures it shows clearly. In twelvemonth 2004,2005,2006,2007 and 2008 figure of registered clients are 1.86m, 1.66m, 1.46m, 1.27m and 1.07m severally. So the Numberss of registered endorsers are diminishing in the past old ages.

Factors that affect the Demand for Pay – per – position telecasting scheduling are

Television operators are coming up with multi channel services.

And besides supplying three services which include Internet, telephone and the Television.

So the WOWOW was unable to make those new characteristics to the consumers. So it bit by bit decreased.

So the Demand Curve

Decrease in demand

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g. Hotel Rooms.

When we talk about the no of Hotel Rooms in London, are lifting twelvemonth by twelvemonth.

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In the twelvemonth 2004, 2005and 2006 the figure of Hotel Rooms available are 98421,100122 and 101232 severally. So we can state there is addition in supply of Hotel Rooms. Further at that place increase to 103875 in twelvemonth 2008. And besides in twelvemonth 2004 to 2006 the growing rate of visitants are 72 % .

The factors that effected to increase in Supply of Hotel Rooms

London is the metropolis which most figure of visitants ‘ coming all over the universe.

Due to marketing publicity

In 2012 The London is the metropolis which takes topographic point Olympics.

SO the Supply Curve will be,

Increase in Supply.

h. Fast Food mercantile establishments in emerging markets

To analyze the supply of Fast Food mercantile establishments in emerging markets, I pick up the one of the Japan Fast Food Restaurant. Saizeria co. , Ltd. In located in Saitama, Japan is a concatenation of fast nutrient eating houses.

Following the Company 2008 Annual study graph will assist to place the supply of the merchandise.

In 2006 figure of eating houses was 736, and the figure of clients came about 111,561. In 2007 figure of eating houses was 738, and the figure of clients came about 115,188. So we can see the increasing of both Number of eating houses and figure of clients came. In the twelvemonth 2008 figure of eating houses are increase to 747 and clients arrived was lessening to 113,748. But it was little lessening. When we look at the overall figures in twelvemonth 2004 to 2008 both figure of eating houses and clients arrived additions.

So that tells us the supply addition with the addition in demand. We can place following factors that affect to increase in supply every bit good as the demand.

Low-cost monetary value of the nutrient.

Use of fresh veggies and Italian nutrient

Addition in figure of shops will besides increase in supply.

Healthy repast will besides increase the figure of clients coming.

So we can clearly state in the hereafter supply will increase with the addition in the demand.

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So the Supply curve will be

Increase in Supply.

I. Credit cards issued by the fiscal establishment

Recognition cards issued by the fiscal establishment are turning quickly. Harmonizing to the ICICI Bank entire figure of recognition card issued increasing.

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In twelvemonth 2005 recognition card circulation are around 13.i 1000000s. In the twelvemonth 2006 it increases to 17.5 1000000s. So it will be 33 % . In the 2007 the figure increases to 22.6 1000000s. It ‘s besides about 33 % . So recognition card circulation around India is more likely consistent growing.

These are the professionals say about thr growing of the recognition card circulation.

“ Wider credence of cards by merchandisers and with more and more Bankss, both foreign and public sector units coming in, this sector is acquiring more aggressive, ” says Mr Sachin Khandelwal, General Manager, Head-Cards Product Group, ICICI Bank Ltd.

“ Advanced strategies and offers to cardholders, along with assorted spouse merchandisers and circulation of more co-branded cards, with added benefits on specific uses such as air hoses and fuel cards, have benefited the clients promoting more and more people to utilize it, ” says Mr Khandelwal.

So in decision these factors will impact to the supply of the Credit cards issued by the fiscal establishment,

Wider credence of cards by merchandisers and with more and more Bankss.

Both foreign and public sector units coming in to action.

More resistless offers to the cardholders. With added benefits to the clients.

Paying recognition card is easier than the paying hard currency.

Easy to transport

High degree of security than the hard currency.

In the hereafter the usage of recognition card will be addition. So these factors will ensue in increasing supply of the Credit cards issued by the fiscal establishment.

So the supply curve will be

Increase in Supply.

J. Laptop Computers


Minutess of money in return for goods and services occur because assorted consumers, concerns, and authorities bureaus have assorted wants and demands. All these minutess add up to gross domestic merchandise, or GDP. Economists besides refer to GDP as entire demand. Economists non merely analyze entire demand ; they besides analyze demand for specific goods and services. The demand for a specific point depends on many factors, including its utilizations and importance, the size and age of the population, the prevailing manners and gustatory sensations, and, of class, its monetary value.

In a market economic system, if there is demand for something at that place will certainly be people willing to provide it. In that sense, supply is the impudent side of demand. Economists think and talk in footings of the supply of autos and lodging, the supply of labor and stuffs, and so on. The supply of a merchandise or service depends on many things including the resources and productive capacity devoted to bring forthing it and, once more, its monetary value.

In this study I deeply analyse the factors that impacting the Demand and Supply of a given figure of merchandises.Which include the future market of these merchandises and besides present the graphical reading of the demand and supply curves. I got aid from most of different web sites and different books every bit good as the counsel from our talk Ms Ellie Semsar.

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Excerpted from The Complete Idiot ‘s Guide to Economics A© 2003 by Tom Gorman.

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