Chapter night time crime one their duties

February 27, 2019 Law

Chapter 1
Barangay Officials has an important in their community to maintain a peace and order. They are the lowest level of enforcement officials in the community who supervised in their Barangay but still they perform a variety of police function.They are the front of liners in the preparation and response to any type of calamities that threaten peace and order and public safety they are responsive to unique peace and order in the Barangay.
As barangay official they are patrolling every night to lessen night time crime one their duties is to implement the curfew policy in every community implement such policy will help to different types of crime and maintain peace and order in barangay selected is P,Gomez Street Paete, Laguna.
Sometimes using a their patrolling a foot patrol they not used any kind of gun and they can help in crime prevention when they are patrolling the potential criminal will be alarmed because of the presence of the patrol officer.
Curfew policy is and order specifying a time which certain regulation apply in minor (18) years old and under may not be outdoor before the time at which a daily curfew start like other counrty that inplemented the curfew policy to protect youth from victimilazation.
Children and teenager can break the a curfew policy are taken to the local barangay official inform their parents to get them. Generally curfew policy helps a lot to maintain peace and order in Barangay P, Gomez Street.

Statement of the problem:
What are the demograpic profile of the participant:
Length of stay
Barangay Officials:
Length of service
Educational attainment
Bantay Bata:
Length of service
Educational Attainment
What are the nightime operational procedure of Barangay P, Gomez to maintain peace and order?
What is the level of effectiveness of the nightime operation of procedures Barangay P, Gomez Street?
Is there a significant difference between the perception of the participant on the night time operational procedure of Barangay P, Gomez.
What are the problems encountered by the participants in the night time operational procedure of Barangay P, Gomez.
In order to gather data, the researcher conducted personal interviews to the head of the peace and order committees of the subject barangays. A semi-structured questionnaire was used in the interview and further questions have been raised during interviews. Also, the whole interview was audio recorded for the preservation of the interviewee’s answers. Documents were requested and given to the researcher that includes barangay profile and map.  After the interview materials and equipment used by the peace and order committee together with the Barangay Peace and Security Officer or the tanod were presented to the researcher and has been photographed for documentation.

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Interview Questions
What are your main responsibilities as the head of the Peace and order committee?
 How do you manage or administer peace and security here in the Barangay?
 What are the frequently occurring crimes and what is its nature? Can you identify crime hotspots? How do you address these crimes?
 Numbers of Barangay Tanod? Did they undergo training?
 What are the materials and equipment used by the Peace and order committee?
 What are the major issues of the Peace and order Committee?
Rommel K Manwong 2006 patrol considered as the backbone of the police service it is the division of the PNP which is indinspensible patrolling somehow create physiological detterence on the part of the would be offender and patrolling also increases the chance of the arrest in addition it also increses police community relation law enforcement administration text book.
Levison 2004 the patrol exercise is not limited to crime control but also to reduce the fear within neighborhood this stronger between barangay patrolling and resident can trust the patrolling one of securing protecting preserving the life and property and assuring the safety of the people in the community.
Foreign study
Random preventive patrol strategie are based on the idea that visible barangay presence in a area provids a general deterrent effcet on crime and that the general fear public fear to crime is reduced by that normally take place fairly public areas such general property street crimes would be more significant impacted by preventive patrolling practices research


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