Character Analysis: John Proct

January 15, 2017 Religion

Character Analysis: John Procter from 'The Crucible' Often in true tests of ethical character would be where humans are tempted to be untrustworthy, to deceive, or take advantage of one anther, and then there are a few who succeed. The story of 'The Crucible' gives one of the strongest tests of ethics, where the real ethical are punished and those of low ethics have the freedom to live their own lives. 'The Crucible' very well shows that when a problem in life or death situation, humans respectability decays.

'The Crucible' takes place in Salem, Massachusetts where corruption and religion is beyond uncontrollable, and soon two girls fall sick unexpectedly and it sparks ideas of the devil and witchcraft in the town. This results in the people of the town pointing at those who have been dealings with the devil, which encourages disaster for many. Throughout the play one character John Proctor remains honest, ethical, and he stood for something he believed in even if it meant his life.

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John Proctor is true and is a good ethical character and has a truthful personality that is first seen when he articulate some of his true emotions and affection towards his wife, Goody Proctor at their home. These are a couple of quotes that best symbolizes John Proctor's love and overall good affections for his wife 'I mean to please you Elizabeth'(Miller, page.50). After saying this Proctor afterwards goes on to say, 'I think you're sad again. Are you?' (Miller, page.51).

These quotes best give an example of Proctor's caring affections toward his wife Elizabeth, at a time when many humans kept their affections to themselves, Proctor is particularly open. When his wife questions him as if she is depressed he appears to show his concern about his wife's feelings, and the feeling of Proctor's true satisfaction with Elizabeth is offered. Proctor also does not say these words of affections because of some false hunger for such as .


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