Character analysis of Hester Prynne Essay

July 15, 2018 General Studies

The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne is a complex novel with in depth word picture. This analysis is about Hester Prynne. the chief character and focal points on three of her attitudes. visual aspect. and ethical motives.

Hester’s physical visual aspect is developed and referred to frequently throughout the novel. Hawthorne pigments a image for the reader of Hester’s beauty.

She had dark and abundant hair. so calendered that it through off the sunlight with a glow and a face regularity of characteristics and wealths of skin color. and the grandness belonging to a marked forehead and deep black eyes. ( Hawthorne. 50 )

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The writer besides describes Hester as being of modest decorousness. “With about calm demeanor. hence. Hester Prynne passed through this part of her ordeal. came to a kind of scaffold. at the western appendage of the market place. ( Hawthorne. 52 ) As the narrative is told. the writer frequently refers to Hester’s attitude every bit good as her visual aspect.

Hester is portrayed as holding a strong will and attitude in the Scarlet Letter. She kept her liquors high even when she thought she faced decease. She managed to keep her strength throughout her conflicts.

With her native energy of character and rare capacity. it could non wholly cast her off. although it had set a grade upon her. more unbearable to a woman’s bosom than that which branded the forehead of Cain. In all her intercourse with society. nevertheless. there was nil that made her feel as if she belonged to it. every gesture. every word. and even the silence of those with whom she came in contact. implied and frequently expressed. that she inhabited another domain. or communicated with the common nature by other variety meats and senses than the remainder of human sort. She stood apart from mortal involvements. yet close beside them. like a shade that revisits the familiar foresides. and can no longer do itself seen of felt. ( Hawthorne. 77-78 )

Hester’s attitude is straight related to her ethical motives.

Miss Prynne’s ethical motives are non as easy to find as her attitude. When analysing her state of affairs. the reader might non be able to see that Hester has ethical motives. The facts of her problems lay a land work for this belief. In world. the novel does demo that Hester Prynne has ethical motives and values.

In this affair of Hester Prynne. there was neither annoyance nor irksomeness. She ne’er battled with the populace. but submitted. uncomplainingly. to its worst use ; she made no claim upon it. unjust for what she suffered ; she did non weigh up in its understandings. Then. besides. inculpable pureness of her life during all these old ages in which she had been set apart to infamy. was reckoned mostly in her favour. With nil now to lose. in the sight of world. and with no hope. and apparently no want of deriving anything. it could merely bed echt respect for virtuousness that had brought back the hapless roamer to its waies. ( Hawthorne. 145 )

Nathanial Hawthorne shows wickedness this quotation mark that although Hester is in an uncomfortable state of affairs. she maintains the higher criterions of the society. The writer uses graphic descriptions to portray the characters in the novel. When depicting Hester Prynne. Hawthorne establishes the type of individual she is through her visual aspect. attitude and ethical motives.


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