Character is destiny Essay

August 28, 2017 General Studies

“Character is destiny” is a dominant subject that frequently appears in Shakespearian calamity. In the drama. King Lear this construct is portrayed through the characters of King Lear. Gloucester. and Edmund. The features and the functions that each of the characters have within the society of the drama determine the intervention that they receive from other characters every bit good as their fate. In the drama. Lear demonstrates assorted features that can be classified as his tragic defects. In the gap scene. Lear’s irrational footing for administering the land between his girls reveals that he is accustomed to hypocrisy. that he is speedy tempered. that he is impatient. and that he is incognizant of human restriction. By inquiring his girls to publically expose their love towards him. he reveals that he is accustomed to flattery.

This besides demonstrates that he is proud of his ability to exert his will rapidly and efficaciously. A. C Bradely remarks on this tragic defect by saying that “A long life of absolute power. in which he as been flattered to the top of his set. has produced in him that sightlessness to human restriction and that assumptive ego will” . In the gap act. King Lear besides demonstrates his speedy treated nature through the disownment of Cordelia and the ostracism of Kent. When Lear does non hear what he expected from Cordelia. he disowns her as his girl without any rational ideas.

This demonstrates that he is accustomed to exerting his will. It besides demonstrates that he believes that through his place as a sovereign. he can even command human emotions such as love. In add-on. when Lear hears what he expects from Goneril and Regan. he rewards them with a big part of his land. This reveals his fleeceable. generous. and unsuspecting nature. Overall. Lear’s features are revealed in the first Act of the drama.

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He is accustomed to exerting his will freely. he is fleeceable. unsuspecting. and is blind of human restrictions. These features are his tragic defects that subsequently lead to his fate. Lear’s fate at the terminal of the drama is predetermined because of his tragic defects. He disowned Cordelia because he believed that his place as a sovereign enables him to order love. By disinheriting Cordelia. he loses his protection against the evil workss of Goneril and Regan. In add-on. Lear’s fleeceable. generous. and unsuspecting nature towards Goneril and Regan lead to the division of his land between the two thankless sisters. Because of Lear’s features. he is unable to see in progress the possible results of his actions. His fleeceable and unsuspecting nature does non allow him to see beyond the deceptive surface of Goneril and Regan’s announcements. As the drama progresses. Goneril and Regan are able to utilize Lear’s features against him to progress their ain powers and to


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