Characteristic Of Service Blueprinting Marketing Essay

A cardinal feature of service blueprinting is that it distinguishes between what clients experience “ front- phase ” and the activities of employees and support procedure “ wing ” where client ‘s ca n’t see them. ( Lovelock, 2007 )

Servicescape or a service puting includes all facets of physical environment where the interaction of the service supplier and client takes topographic point ( Lovelock 2009 ) . The physical environment is really of import as it was the first perceptual experience for the client. From illuming, aroma, sound to smell can give positive or negative image to different client.

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Facility outside:

A multi-storey covered parking block situated at the dorsum of the infirmary edifice. Security is operates 24 hours in the auto park. The concierge & A ; gentleman services are particular. Their concierge will personally help patients to their designated suites before officially passing them over to the ward nurses. They are besides available to reply any questions refering infirmary advisers and infirmary installations. Valet services available at the anteroom entryway excessively. Outside the infirmary, there are flowers and braid surrounding. The position looks green. There have a little H2O autumn in forepart of the entryway excessively.

Facility inside:

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur is a infirmary that comprises a 330- bed third attention. There have a assortment room rates which are gilded suite, executive suite, four bedded room, superior dual bed room, superior room, and individual bed. Patient can feel relaxation and peace of the environment in the room. A The suites have their ain characteristics. For illustration, suites are furnished with a bedside tabular array, closet to set the properties, visitant auto and an affiliated bathroom. All suites are furnished with Television, complete with ASTRO programmes except four – bedded suites. Executive Single suites have extra installations such as a sideboard with mini-fridge. Gleneagles ever upgrade their medical equipment with the latest engineering during twelvemonth 2009 such as digital mammography with new image dimension & A ; sensing, a new system for cardiac catheterization research lab, biplane level sensor cardiac angiography system, general X ray, ultrasound and upgraded bone mineral densitometer. Gleneagles provides retail services excessively. Such retail services are pharmacy, optical services, intelligence agent, florist, beauty services, gift store and pavement cafe . Gleneagles supply services all base on client convenience. They provide ATM services in their infirmary. Gleneagles besides provides supplications room for the Muslim patient. Wi-Fi services are provided excessively. The forepart desk counter is set to give information.

Other tangibles:

Gleneagles has their web site which provides a batch of utile information for both patient and visitant. They have a particular services online which is patient can do an assignment with their physician online. This is really convenience for out-patient.

Service Quality and Service Guarantee

Measuring Service Quality


Dependability is the ability to execute the promised service faithfully and accurately. The enrollment velocity in Gleneagles is fast. Customer can besides do assignment on their web site. It is really convenience. They ever get positive remark from their client.


Responsiveness is the willingness to assist clients and supply prompt service. The employees in Gleneagles ever fix to assist client when they are needed. There set information desk at each floor to reply or to assist client. They are desire to assist client. Their velocity to react client ‘s ailment is fast excessively.


Harmonizing to Gleneagles ( 2011 ) , their mission is to present safe and quality health care services through a professional squad who is knowing, committed, ethical and complies systematically with best patterns. The forepart desk employees are able to give the knowing information to the patient and the visitant. They can supply particular petition offer by client such as hotel engagement, air hoses reserve, parent trade enrollment and etc. The concierge in the forepart of entryway will help patient to their designated suites personally. They are able to reply any inquiry sing the infirmary.


Empathy is known as lovingness, individualised attending the house provides its clients. Gleneagles shows their empathy as good. They provide simple nutrients and drinks for patients and household when they are waiting for the study. The nurses are forbearance to reply any inquiry of patient excessively.


Tangibles are the visual aspect of physical installations, equipment, forces, and communicating stuffs. Gleneagles are utilizing the latest medical devices to supply desire services to patients. The ambiance in and outside the infirmary are good. The environments are clean. There are picks of eating house for both high income and in-between income groups.

Model of services quality

fig 1.jpg


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Gap Model of Gleneagles

Service Guarantee

As services are intangible merchandises, it is difficult for an administration to do a warrant for their client. However, a services warrant can cut down client perceived hazard. Consumer may therefore comprehend a lower public presentation hazard when a full-satisfaction warrant is offered. ( Wong, J.Y, Tsaur, S.H. , Wang, C.H. , 2009 )

As what the Gleneagles vision, “ to be the regional leading health care supplier of third specializer services ” , Gleneagles success to supply quality wellness attention to their patient. Gleneagles has to the full complied with the criterions set by Malayan Society Quality in Health ( MSQH ) since June 2003. Gleneagles besides reward Technology Business Review Award for Holistic Patient Care and the best infirmary award at the Asia Spa Wellness awards during twelvemonth 2006. ( Gleneagles, 2011 ) In twelvemonth 2010, Gleneagles have been approved by Singapore ‘s Ministry of Health among the 12 private health care suppliers in Malaysia. ( Yunus K, 2010 )

Pull offing Ailment

It is of import for organisation to supply services which meet client outlook in order to construct client trueness, viva-voce, repeat-purchase behaviour and net income. Since service is an intangible nature, ailments exist often when outlook is non met. Customer ailments are gift for organisation. It helps an organisation to better their services that deliver to client. Ailments can convey benefit to an organisation and satisfaction to the client, even when the reply has to be no. ( Janelle, B, Claus, M 2008 )

In Gleneagles, they are refering about the client satisfaction. Therefore, they were provided a feedback questionnaire for client at any individual section such as measure payment desk, eating house and even ward. This can guarantee that they can give a client satisfactory services. The ailments procedure in wellness and societal attention is thereby expected to go a meaningful and recognized tract that allows patients to act upon the wellness and societal attention services they receive. ( Kathy, H.B. 2010 )

Servicess failure in Gleneagles

Servicess failure in Gleneagles associated with supplier Gap 3 which involve between service bringing and customer-driven service design and criterions. The cardinal factors of Gleneagles that lead to provider Gap 3 are lacks in human resource policies and failure to fit supply and demand.

Lacks in human resource policies mean that Gleneagles recruit non adequate employees to present their services to their clients. Customers normally need to take a long clip to wait for their bend to run into with physician, take study or made payment. This factor caused by their failure to fit supply and demand. There are over demand but Gleneagles have non plenty employees to present services.

To shut the Gap 3, Gleneagles should engage more employees to run into the high demand.

Managing client ailment

Act fast – The fastest response the client got the lowest choler the client had. Whenever there are client ailments to Gleneagles about their slow services, the employees were manage the ailment client every bit shortly as possible. For illustration, if a client delaies for the study for a long clip and he made a ailment, the nurse will look into with the physician about the study instantly.

Acknowledge the client ‘s feelings – Gleneagles employee ever shows that they know the state of affairs and the feel for a client perceive unpleasant services. They would soothe the client and maintain apologize about the unpleasant services that they encounter. This helps to construct an emotional connexion between client and employee.

Do non reason with clients – Even though some angry client will shout at the employees, Gleneagles employees ne’er argue with client. They still keep their beamish face and patient to manage the client ‘s ailment and quiet them. Bear in head, old words ever say “ Customer is ever right ” , no uncertainty it is right in some manner as a client due to they pay for it, and they consider obtaining the existent value they think it deserving is.



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