Characteristics Of Behaviorist And Cognitive Approaches To Learning Education Essay

When I was younger, I ‘ve ever imagined that traveling to school and listening to what the instructor had to state about the lesson was the lone clip that I would be genuinely larning something. Maybe it ‘s because I did n’t hold much of a pick. After all, it was n’t similar playing athleticss or playing with my friends which was a batch more merriment and easy even though these activities were portion of my larning instruction as I was turning up. Likewise, I besides thought that go toing school was a responsibility that I had to perpetrate myself to ; merely as my parents were committed to their occupations. And merely as my parents got up and went to work, go toing school was portion of a day-to-day rhythm that I had to digest until the mid afternoon before I could make the things that I truly enjoyed. At least throughout kindergarten and in-between school, this is what I thought.

But to genuinely understand how acquisition is achieved and why it is such an of import facet in our lives, we have to look at into some item and explicate the features of the behaviourist and cognitive attacks to larning. Harmonizing to Buchanan & A ; Huczynski, larning in its simplest signifier is “ the procedure of geting cognition through experience which leads to a permanent alteration in behaviour ” ( 2010, p.139 ) . Hence, it is in our experiences through the attainment of cognition that our behaviours alter and suit to our given milieus. I know for me and throughout the 4 hebdomads of this category, I ‘ve been reasonably fortunate to hold been challenged with thoughts and constructs that I would ne’er hold thought to hold experienced. And it seems right to state that through this freshly found cognition, I ‘ve been a better and more efficient pupil every bit good as a better director to my colleagues. So how so has my learning experiences influenced my behavior towards this category and to my colleagues at work? Here ‘s a interruption down on my acquisition experiences throughout the 4 hebdomads:

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Week 1A

Looking back at hebdomad 1A, I felt a small daunting and nervous as it was the first clip in many old ages that I was back in school. The idea and impression that ‘I ‘m a pupil ‘ was chilling, but what was even scarier was how to beguile work, household and school at the same clip. I ‘ve ever been a reasonably good multi-tasker at work, prioritising things and acquiring things done. Even in college, my clip direction accomplishments were reasonably good to some extent. Taking on the challenges of hebdomad 1A, I began to actively experiment with myself by reading the articles and listening to the audio talks. Buchanan & A ; Huczynski calls this “ procedural acquisition or cognizing how ” ( 2010, p.140 ) type of larning whereby it “ concerns your ability to transport out skilled actions ” ( 2010, p.140 ) . I took bends in reading the articles foremost so listened to the sound talks and so read the treatment inquiries. I so changed the order of sequence in order for me to happen the best suited method of survey. Through experimentation, I found that reading the treatment inquiry foremost, so listening to the audio talk so the articles helped me understand and hold on thoughts and concept a batch quicker.

Week 1B

Week 1A continued throughout hebdomad 1B whereby the acquisition procedure was still all about experimenting. As I practiced honing and honing my freshly found acquisition accomplishment, I found that the sum of information and apprehension of the articles easy began to increase. Discoursing constructs and thoughts with my equals became easier and many of the experiences that they ‘ve encountered, I could associate to them in my ain work and place environment. From the expressions of things, although I was composing the ideas of my ain personal experiences, I was besides on the other manus larning from my fellow equals at a distance ; listening and watching what they had to state about their ain personal experiences.

Week 2

Having practiced and found my new ‘learning niche ‘ , I applied those same rules to the acquisition procedure for hebdomad 2. But in hebdomad 2, a different type of larning procedure easy began to develop for me. With the freshly found concrete larning experience, I began to reflect these concrete experiences into my ain workplace. For illustration, non out of deliberate cause, I ‘d sometimes without believing alteration old wonts and did things a little otherwise. Other times whereby I ‘d merely allow travel of a job, I ‘d believe about it and reflect my ideas on it a small thirster. But for whatever ground, this new larning experience that I was experiencing was positive and genuinely gratifying as it made me desire to larn more in order to better influence myself and my coworkers.

Week 3

As in hebdomad 2, hebdomad 3 had a picture cartridge holder that we had to watch. Like they say, ‘a image is worth a 1000 words ‘ ; a picture is deserving twice every bit much. Ocular context as I ‘ve known since college has ever been a existent aid in understanding hard and abstract information. Drawing, scrabbling down pointers and inquiries Markss, and pulling flow diagrams all helps me unravel something abstract into a logical and systematic format. With the pictures in peculiar, they helped me to associate to those people. Declarative acquisition as Buchanan & A ; Huczynski states, “ may non be apparent until we are asked the right inquiries ” ( 2010, p.141 ) and in my instance, the picture was replying the inquiries that I had long queried about. And because my learning experience with the picture had a great impact on me, I systematically feel that these influences will everlastingly alter my behaviour over clip.

Week 4

The learning stage at hebdomad 4 is one of suiting. Through the articles and audio talks, I process these new found cognition and suit them into my ain personal experiences. Likewise, my ideas and emotions are deeper and philosophical at times. Simply put, alternatively of merely making or watching what others have done in their experiences, I execute and associate my new cognition into my ain life and workplace.


Kolb & A ; Kolb states that “ acquisition is best conceived as a procedure, non in footings of results ” ( 2005, p.194 ) and for me, I think this best describes how I ‘m larning right now. In the beginning, everything was new and experimental with many test and mistakes. Hence, the acquisition procedure was slow. Besides, what seemed of import during this early phase of acquisition was non so much the existent stuff – although they were of import – but the procedure of how I was larning and synthesising myself in contemplation to my ain personal experiences. As reinforced by Kolb & A ; Kolb, “ all acquisition is relearningaˆ¦is best facilitated by a procedure that draws out the pupils beliefs and thoughts about a subject so that they can be examined, tested, and integrated with new, more defined thoughts ” ( 2005, p.194 ) . It may be that the stuffs that I read and the sound lectures that I heard throughout the hebdomads were at one clip or another heard someplace else. Or possibly these freshly found information were already packed inside my encephalon and needed some ‘jolting and strike harding ‘ around before I could these them once more. Whatever the instance may be, the procedure of relearning no uncertainty helped to happen new penetrations every bit good as do me a better individual to myself and to my colleagues at work.

I think overall, the acquisition procedure for me is two-folds. First, through experimentation and assimilating, I synthesize the abstract cognition in a logical and systematic manner so that I can understand and associate it. And secondly, one time these have been grounded, I accommodate this freshly found information and research it in my ain experiences every bit good as seeking them out in my ain environment. In Buchanan & A ; Huczynski, the book negotiations about the public presentation degree of a typical worker – it increases at a steady rate through clip until it degrees off ( p.140 ) . My apprehension of acquisition every bit good as leading coincides with this idea, although I believe that leading can ne’er be leveled off any clip in one ‘s life. That ‘s because in leading, one can ever accomplish to break himself or herself through new methods of larning. Learning accompanied with leading is a holistic attack whereby we adapt to the universe, non vice-versa. As such, the larning procedure involves the integrating of the entire individual ( the ideas, comprehending, feeling, acting ) and through adulthood and experiences, one can continuously put to go a better leader ( Kolb & A ; Kolb ( 2005 ) , p.194 ) .

When they say that the first stairss are ever the hardest, larning in many ways follows that attack. And for me, what seems to work the best is by me following the 3P regulation – Preparing ( through experimentation ) , Planning ( through synthesizing and logically measuring the abstract cognition into order ) and Proceeding ( associating to my experiences through feelings and emotions ) .

Buchanan, D.A. & A ; Huczynski, A.A. ( 2010 ) Organizational Behaviour. 7th erectile dysfunction. Harlow, England: Fiscal Times/Prentice Hall.

Kolb, A. & A ; Kolb, D. ( 2005 ) ‘Learning manners and larning infinites: Enhancing experiential acquisition in higher instruction ‘ , Academy of Management Learning and Education, 4 ( 2 ) , pp.193-212.



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