Characterization of Grandma

May 11, 2018 General Studies

“A Visit to Grandmother” by William Melvin Kelley, the grandma was given many characterizations based on her appearance, words, actions, and by what people say about her. All the characterization of Grandma told the readers a lot about her and made it easy for the reader to understand the story from grandma’s perspective. First off, in the story the author describes Grandma as a lucky and unique person by providing the reader with some ext evidence.

The author states saying that grandma has all her teeth which is unbelievable. This makes grandma unique because most people around her age have lost many of their teeth. This is one of grandma’s characterizations based on her appearance. Also, in the story Grandma told her daughter Maim, not to make the food because she does not like relying on other people, in Other words she is self reliant. She does not like other people to do jobs for her just because she’s old.

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She might be old but she still believes that she is capable of doing things she used to do when she was younger. This is characterization of grandma based on her own words. Lastly, the reader could refer to Grandma as an unjust person based on what other people say about her. An evidence for this characterization is when one of her son said that she never treated him the same way she treated her younger son because the younger son was lighter skinned and good looking then the elder son.

Charles, grandma’s oldest son refers to her as an unfair person, but this was something she was never aware of because he never told her how he felt, at the end she learned something. In conclusion, grandma had many different characters some bad and some good but, after all no one is perfect. Throughout the story not only did the reader get to know Grandma, but Grandma herself got to know what kind of person she is based on her many different characters.


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