Charles Manson: Two Points of View on a Killer’s Personality Essay

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There are many theories about what shapes an individual’s personality and when following these attacks. sense can be made of a certain person’s behaviour. Charles Manson is a well-known consecutive slayer whose personality is brooding of two specific personality theorists’ positions. Sigmund Freud. whose psychosexual phases of development could explicate some of the traits held by Manson. Karen Horney was another theoretician whose positions on childhood love and nurturing. or deficiency of it. could explicate Charles Manson’s personality. Gathered information on both Freud and Horney’s positions will be compared to Charles Manson. his personality and his behaviours to reason if these theories apply. Historical information from Charles Manson’s life from childhood to adulthood will be included.

An Appraisal of Charles Manson’s Personality Numerous surveies have been done on what causes people to act the manner they do and what causes them to hold certain personality traits. One specific person that has an intriguing and hideous personality is the well-known Charles Manson. Charles Manson was said to hold had anti-social personality upset and was besides known to be a maestro operator. The history of Charles Manson’s deprived childhood could supply some accounts to how and why an person reacts to society as he did. Charles Manson was born in 1934 illicitly to a 16 twelvemonth old alky and cocotte. His male parent was ne’er present in his life nor did he of all time have a male parent figure. His female parent would abandon him for hebdomads and sometimes months at a clip. When his female parent was incarcerated. Charles was sent to populate with a spiritual aunt until his mother’s release. Continuing her life style. Charles ended up in a boy’s place and when he finally ran off to be reunited with his female parent. he was abandoned one time once more. Charles Manson ended up on the streets and this led to his life of offense. By 1952. Charles had spent 17 old ages. which was half his life. imprisoned. He had 8 assault charges already.

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While in prison. Charles Manson was known as a theoretical account inmate and he even got released against his wants because he felt he could non set to the universe. ( Rosenberg. 2009 ) He besides fathered two kids. one by his antique married woman and one by another adult female. In the 1960’s. Manson gathered 100s of followings which he called “The Family. ” They lived on a abandoned spread. Most of Manson’s followings were waxy immature females and he used LSD and pep pills to assist pull strings and convert them to move out his wants. He easy broke down his follower’s beliefs and made them believe that he was Jesus and that a race war was impending. Finally Manson’s most loyal followings carried out his Acts of the Apostless of force and left seven people dead. In 1969. constabularies raided the spread on intuitions of hooliganism. unaware of the slayings committed until after the apprehensions. Charles Manson has been labeled “The Icon of Evil. ” ( Rosenberg. 2009 ) Charles Manson had a long history of disregard and forsaking since his childhood and this may hold played a function in the development of his personality.

The psychoanalytic analysis could reason that since he spent his childhood and feeling he had no control of his life due to the instability. this could hold led to his personality traits. Manson found satisfaction in ruling those around him. Some of his characteristic personality traits are emotionally insecure. overzealous. manipulative. neurotic. extroverted. obsessional and commanding. ( Rosenberg. 2009 ) . Karen Horney thought anxiousness was portion of the basic human status but she besides thought that it was a consequence of societal forces and since anxiousness causes a feeling of being in a hostile universe. the environment as a whole is dreaded. ( Engler. 2009 ) The text besides states that when a parent can non supply a child’s basic needs. this can do an insecurity in a kid that lead to “domination. isolation. ill will. indifference. deficiency of regard and counsel and neurotic demands and trends” ( Engler. 2009. p 124 ) Of the 10 neurotic tendencies mentioned by Horney. Manson had a few including overdone demand for power. demand to work others. overdone demand for societal acknowledgment and the demand for personal esteem ( by the household ) .

Based on Karen Horney’s ten neurotic tendencies and the fact that Manson lacked love and nurturing as a kid. these factors may hold contributed to his personality. Some of the anxiousnesss felt by Charles Manson from childhood experiences could hold been that he had a 16 twelvemonth old female parent that was an alcoholic and cocotte and was opprobrious. He ne’er knew his male parent. His female parent one time traded him for a hurler of beer. His female parent and uncle were convicted of sexual assault and armed robbery. He was in and out of reform schools and he had an IQ of 109. ( Rosenberg. 2009 ) Sigmund Freud believed that most behaviour is determined by past behaviour. such as childhood experiences. Freud would state that traumatic childhood experiences could hold contributed to Charles Manson’s aggression. homicidal inclinations and personality upset. He would besides state that Manson was motivated by unconscious consciousness because this is made up of pent-up childhood memories and this causes anxiousness. ( Feist & A ; Feist. 2006 )

Since Manson is invariably seeking to fulfill desires. he is controlled by the Idaho. His aggression and destructive thrust besides originates in the Idaho. ( Feist & A ; Feist. 2006 ) Charles Manson was ne’er able to maintain his self-importance stable nor were his actions of all time controlled by the self-importance or superego. Harmonizing to the text. “the self-importance is a faithful retainer of the Idaho and attempts to carry through its demands realistically” ( Engler. 2009. p 47 ) . The defence mechanisms triggered in Manson followed the Freudian theory every bit good. This included the repression of negative childhood experiences and his denial after the fact of the violent deaths that it was incorrect. Besides Charles Manson finally used projection to project his feelings and actions onto others to show his urges. Manson’s deficiency of love and nurturing caused him to be incapable of close love.

Freud would state Manson was fixated on the phallic phase because he is foolhardy. obstinate proud and egotistic. Harmonizing to the text. “a theory of personality is an organized system of beliefs that helps us understand human nature” ( Engler. 2009. p 3 ) . This means that these theories are based on people trying to understand how and why others act and respond the manner they do to their environment and their history. What truly made Charles Manson the adult male he was? No 1 will of all time cognize precisely but Sigmund Freud’s and Karen Horney’s theories seem to use to many facets of Manson and his personality traits. Manson is said to hold antisocial personality upset. otherwise known as a psychopath. This was noted by a head-shrinker while Manson was in his teens.

Harmonizing to the American Psychological Association. “Antisocial personality upset is characterized by a deficiency of respect for the moral or legal criterions in the local civilization. There is a pronounced inability to acquire along with others or stay by social regulations. Persons with this upset are sometimes called sociopaths or sociopaths” ( Mayo Clinic. Anti Social Personality ) . I feel this would be an accurate representation of Manson. Charles Manson’s deprived childhood necessarily contributed to his personality and his behaviours as an grownup. He ne’er learned a sense of trust and as stated by both Karen Horney and Sigmund Freud. childhood anxiousnesss and want can take to a battalion of negative personality traits. which were decidedly present in Charles Manson.


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