By November 29, 2016 General Studies

The hardest and most time-consuming part of the project was making layers in PhotoShop. This is because, not only did I need to draw all of my figures, but I also had to envision how the movie would flow, which is very hard when you don’t even know what your topic is. Because I was not really familiar with the PhotoShop program I had to learn as I went into my project. I did have to ask for help throughout my project, but I also figured out most of the techniques myself. So when I use PhotoShop in the future, I will be much quicker and much more efficient. .

Animating the layers was also a difficult part of my project because I had never done it before. However, as soon as I realized that you didn’t have to make a separate picture for each frame, it made it much easier. I didn’t really understand how to animate layers, so because I had to learn, I didn’t have that much time to be creative. The animation was just stick figures because it was basic and simple. The focus of my animation was trying to make a stick figure transform into and evil stick that scares all the other sticks. .

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Since I spent most of my time working on the animation of the stick figures, I really didn’t have any time to be creative with my picture. So because of this I decided to put my picture at the end of my movie behind my credits. The only animation that I used on my picture was a black and white filter. .

After seeing my project on the full screen, I felt I did very well, considering, I didn’t even have an idea of what to do until a week ago. With the sound effects and the movement of the titles, I think I put together a very simple and successful movie. .


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