Cheezy Wheezy Case

July 5, 2017 Business

Summarize Cheezy Wheezy firm had a chain nine retail shops located in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. In recent years, nearly all its competitors had begun issuing catalogs, widely distributed in late October. Henry Wilson, son of the firm’s founder want issue a catalog too. In the third staff meeting, the sales manager and handling many aspects of the catalog project finished describing the catalog’s tentative design and the allocation of catalog pages to various product lines. And then they talk a little about selling terms. Including handle the transportation and shipping costs.

They found their whole catalog project is bogged down with the problem of transportation cost tapers. And they discuss rates. Rates based on two factors ,the weight being shipped and distance. As weight or distance increases or both-the rates go up but not as quickly. This is called the tapering principle. They can’t use the average transportation costs. SO, they need the catalog that it looks simple and useful. Answer the questions: 1. I think the company should raise price and try increase production. 2. First the company should find where is the problem.

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If the problem within the company, the managers must be take measures to staff and improve work process. If the items was lose or damaged on transportation, and the company should talk with the Logistics Company to solve the problem. 3. I think should the customer be expected to add a first-class stamp to the order before he or she mails it. At least can save some money, and it more reflect customers’ purchase intention. 4. I don’t think New Glarus is the best address to use for receiving mail orders for cheese. The mail addressed to a more major city maybe is not bad choice.

Because in more major city will have more orders and better sales environment. 5. In my opinion, one ships small packages of items need charge any extra fee to customers.. Because overpriced for small shipment is no cost-effective. 6. We should according to different distance to charge. As we know, the same items transportation to different region cost is not same. 7. `Dear customers, as we know, not only package but also transportation is the most important part of business. We can’t to obtain benefits that one ships small packages of items and not to charge extra fee or distance increase .

So we according to overpriced for small, short-distance shipments or heavy long shipments to charge. 8. A catalog order should include: 1. Name 2. Product 3. Amount 4. Mail address 5. Tel Num 6. Website 7. Details require 9. I think order form used in its Web site is better than order form printed and mailed . One season is order form used in its Web site is more quickly and security. And it save money. About contemplate a simple Web site for Cheezy Wheezy to sell its products within the United States. I think we can according to overpriced for small ,short-distance shipments or heavy long shipments to charge.


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