Chesapeake 18th century these two regions had

April 16, 2019 Religion

Chesapeake & New England
The English started moving to the New World around the early 1600s. They settled in regions including the New England and the Chesapeake region and by the 18th century these two regions had developed their own society. These two regions had developed different political, economic and social system in their regions. The political differences were due to who governs the colony. The economic differences were due to the motives of the settlement. The social differences were due to the people who settled there, the New England emigrated as a family meanwhile the Chesapeake emigrated with mostly male.
The political difference between the New England and Chesapeake region was that New England government associate more with religious matter than the Chesapeake government. Puritans who first stepped off the Mayflower and landed in New England had an idea on how they believed church would look like. The reason they left England was because didn’t agree with the principles of Church of England. This colony was allowed to believe in anything they wanted. Unlike New England, the Chesapeake’s main objective was not religion. Chesapeake did have a few areas with religion. The first example is Maryland, Maryland was a sanctuary for Catholics who were mistreated when the Catholic Church separated between Church of New England. Another example is when the some Virginans still remained as Anglican.
New England economic products were diverse while the Chesapeake economic relied heavily on one single product. The products of the two regions were due to the regions climate and soil condition. The Chesapeake regions had a mild climate and fertile soil allowing the people to farm. On the other hand, the climate of the New England was colder than the Chesapeake and the soil was more rocky unsuitable for farming. Since New England was unable to grow anything they relied heavily on trading. Meanwhile Chesapeake relied heavily on growing tobacco.


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