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June 26, 2018 Teaching

The role and responsibilities of an early year’s practitioner follow a number of codes. When working with children there are many care needs of children, such as special needs, safeguarding children, children’s learning, behaviour, and working with parents. Early years practitioners have set responsibilities when working with children, like meeting the learning needs of a child, providing an environment which is welcoming and also they have to work together as part of a team to provide good service for both children and parents.

Practitioners have to put the needs of children first because this will help keep children safe and encourages children to be independent. It’s important to show responsibilities as it will help children learn right from wrong as children will look up to them as role models because they are teaching them what the right thing to do and what’s the wrong thing to do. Working with parents is important it give practitioner a chance to learn about the child, what they like and dislike this will help practitioners build a relationship with parents to let them know that you as a practitioner can be trusted.

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Local schools get funded by the government. The age range for children to finish and leave school is from five to eleven years of age. A statutory school has set routines for example they start from 9am and finish at 3:30pm Monday-Friday. The school would have enough space for outdoor play for example within my setting there is enough space for all the children to play in and also there is space to outdoor activities such as P. E etc.. Some children are unable to access the school due to having disability so the school would need to adapt their school to meet their needs.

Statutory schools are free apart from parents paying for their Children School uniforms, school dinners and school trips. The main aim of a statutory school is to provide opportunities for every child to learn and supporting children that need supporting. A voluntary setting is where people help out to run organisations such as mother and toddler-group. These voluntary settings can take place in a community hall or a church. There would be enough space for the children to play. Parents would have to donate a small amount of money to help maintain the building and supplies.

The main aim of a voluntary setting is that is provides short term care for children and gives them an opportunity to socialise with others. A private setting is where parents pay extra money to give their child a better education. A private day nursery is open from 8am-6pm all year round apart from bank holidays. They provide all the facilities for the children indoors and outdoors “Private settings that are being funded for education in some way by taxpayers will have to follow the national curriculum and early year’s foundations stage.

Being healthy, achieving goals and being involved in different activities. Child Act 1989- “the Children Act 1989 aimed to ensure that the welfare of the child was paramount, working in partnership with parents to protect the child from harm” http://www. careandthelaw. org. uk/eng/b_section2 appendix 3 Children and young people should feel happy, safe, respected and included in the school or early years setting environment and all staff should be proactive in promoting positive behavior in the classroom, playground and the wider community.

Policies and practice which make sure the safety and wellbeing of children should already be in place and it is this legislation develop through many years and experiences, and mistakes, that underpin the working practices that are used today. They also have a responsibility to make sure that staff have the necessary training to put policies into practice including, first aid training, basic food hygiene the use of safety equipment. They must consider and maintain the welfare of employees by ensuring that the workplace is healthy and safe environment to be in.

They should also undertake regular risk assessments of the environment, equipment and activities also keep documentation for all aspects of risk assessment, accidents, incidents and illnesses and implementation of emergency drills and procedures (RIDDOR 1995). E5 I have chosen two activities which are: * Personal Hygiene * Dressing up The first activity is personal hygiene. What is the activity? The activity is about teaching children how to wash their hands. They would be using a doll to show an understanding of how to wash their hands, how to brush teeth, how to wipe heir face and drying hands.

This will give children practice and also give them independence. This is for ages 2-4years of age. The equipment that they would be using would be: * Flannel * Soap * Tooth brush * tissue It will help them learn and also give them independence. This can also give a chance for the older children within the setting to help out with the younger children as well. It helps promote their intellectual and physical learning. Could I make the activity it easier for them? No, because its a simple and fun activity for them do to.

The second activity is dressing up. What is the activity? The activity is children dressing up their dolls to mimic what they do when they get ready to come to nursery, dressing up their dolls in clothes. This will teach them independence and for some children it will help them understand how to put on clothes without the support of an adult. Learning how to do big buttons and small buttons, choose clothes to wear and also teaching them to put of their jackets and figuring out how to do the zip. This also comes under role play.

The age range for this activity is all ages apart from babies. Could I make the activity easier for them? No, because there is nothing i could do to break down the activity for them. The activity is fun and its not to difficult for the children to do. E6/B1 It’s essential to respect and value the knowledge and skills of other professionals because it allows professionals to share knowledge about family needs. It’s important that each different agency’s work together to communicate well also understanding their roles and responsibilities as well as other agencies.


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