Childcare Apprenticeship

April 28, 2018 Childcare

Your employee number is a unique number that is individual to you. It allows your employer to have easy access to your online record. Employer Name – Your employer name is the person who employed you for the position you applied for, most likely your manager. Your employer is the one who gives you your shifts, you’re your wage and has the power to dismiss you. Tax Code – Everyone has different tax codes based on information such as your annual income and if you have more than one job.

When people first start a new job they are often put on emergency tax until their tax code is finalised – any money that has been unnecessarily taxed from you can be claimed back, this is called a tax rebate. National Insurance Number – Your NYI number is compulsory to have in order to be employed and is unique to you. It enables the government to work out which tax bracket you are in and how much tax you should receive if any. Net Pay Year to date – Net pay is all of the money you have been paid from your current employer since your day of employment minus any deductions that have been made.

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Pay before deductions (gross pay) – This is the wholesome amount of money you have been paid altogether since the day you were employed before any legal deductions are made. The deductions made for income tax – People receive deductions for income tax if they earn over ? 9,440 a year. Income tax is in proportion to your salary, so everyone receives a different amount depending on how much they earn. The deductions for a pension – A pension is not compulsory but is recommended in order to have a guaranteed saved income for when you are retired.

You can agree to have a pension in your contract of employment when you are first employed by a company. Any deductions for a pension will be made monthly and the amount paid into your pension can be personalised to you. The amount of pay you actually receive (after deductions) – This is the money you are left with once all tax and legal deductions are taken from your income, it is the money you are left with for your own personal expenditure and any utility bills that you may have to pay. Task 5

My settings grievance policy states that it should be easy to and is essential that you should address any problems relating with your employment and that any issues should be resolved if possible. The grievance policy is there if you want to formally complain about something which is usually by making a written record encase it is needed for future referrals. You can also verbally raise an issue that may be concerning you on an informal basis. Everyone is entitled to be accompanied by a fellow employee during any part of the procedure if they are needed as a witness or if they may be able to explain the situation more clearly.

Any issues related with your employment must be first raised in full detail and to the full extent with the person specified in your Statement of Main Terms of Employment. You would then be invited to an arranged meeting where your grievance would be fully investigated. It is very important that you would attend this meeting. After the decision has been made for the next steps for your grievance, you would generally be notified in writing within ten working days, including your right of appeal.

If you decide to appeal, then you must notify your manager within five working days. A second meeting would then be arranged which you must attend – this meeting would be held by the most senior management. After the appeal meeting you would be notified in writing with the decision, this would normally be within ten working days. Task 6 The personal information that is kept by my employer includes: name, mobile number, home address, emergency contact name and number, Doctor’s name and address, national insurance number and date of birth.

It is very important to keep all this information up to date for different reasons; your name is important to keep up to date as if your legal name changes due to marriage or any other reason – your employer would need to know as you are legally employed by your original name, your mobile number is important to keep up to date – as if your employer is trying to get hold of you then you need to be accessible, your home address is essential as that is where your wage slips are sent to and they hold all your personal details on them, an emergency contact name and number is important as if something happened to you at your workplace and you had to go to hospital your employer would have to let your next of kin know, Doctor’s name and address is important as to clarify any appointments or medication as prescribed to you, your national insurance number is a legal requirement in order to be employed and your date of birth is important as you need to be the legal age to work in your working place. All of this information is stored and locked away in ndividual files in the manager’s office so that is not accessible for public view, all this information needs to be kept safe and secure to abide by confidentiality regulations.

This information is only available to managerial staff when needed. Task 7 My job role includes ensuring the happiness, wellbeing and safety of all the children I work with and to make sure that I help, together as a team with the other practioners that I work with to provide a stimulating environment where the children can learn and thrive from. My responsibilities as a trainee nursery practioner include: providing physical and emotion support and care for the children e. g. hanging nappies and maintaining the children’s happiness through play, establishing a relationship with all the children’s carers and communicating with them and the other practioners effectively about all the children’s progress in order to look after their children to the best of my capability, making weekly planning for the children I work with that encourages their learning, the regular change of toys, maintaining children’s development files and all records, attending all staff meetings and maintaining a friendly environment. All of these factors ensure that I am fulfilling my job role/job description properly. My role affects the running of my setting just as any other member, we all work together as a team to provide the best care for the children. We all share the workload and are constantly communicating with one another about the children, giving any updates or news on their progress, health and or behaviour.


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