Childhood Memories Essay

October 4, 2017 General Studies

Childhood is the most guiltless stage of man’s life. With the transition of clip. it fades into adolescence and maturity. Yet the sweet memories of childhood linger on. My childhood remembrances are those of a sheltered and unworried life. nurtured with love and concern. As I was the first kid in the household. everybody doted on me.

My amusing lisping. my guiltless mischievousness and my asinine talk-everything was a beginning of huge pleasance to them. There was ne’er a word of reproach or animadversion against me. Once a distant uncle picked me up from my school and. without informing my parents. took me to a carnival. When I returned place. it was rather late. I found everybody disquieted. dying and discerning about my safety. A frenetic hunt for me had already been made.

My uncle was taken to task. but cipher reprimanded me. Subsequently. it was explained to me that traveling out with others without the cognition of the parents was fraught with hazards. I was warned. but the warning was so fond. tactful and persuasive that it left a healthy feeling on my head. I was rather speculative by nature and pestered my parents with changeless questions.

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They. however. listened to me patiently and tried to fulfill my wonder. I besides lovingly retrieve my grandma with her wrinkly face which creased into a loving smiling at the really sight of me. Her diverting anecdotes ever transported me into a cryptic wonderland. My ideas abound with such sweet memories. Each remembrance has nostalgic air about it. I will prize these cherished childhood memories for of all time.

Memories of childhood

Sweet are the remembrances of the childhood of a adult male. These fill one’s head with joy when one looks back to the yearss of childhood. Every kid passes its yearss in the thick of the fondness and attentions of the parents. gramps and grand-mother and other beloved dealingss. Cares and anxiousnesss do non problem the guiltless head of the kid.

My childhood yearss

When I look back to the yearss of my early childhood. I do non retrieve much. Merely I remember how my old grand-mother fondled me. I used to sit in the eventide by her side. She would state me fairy tales—tales of the princes and princesses and rakshasas. and narratives of shades. I listened to them with ecstatic attending. These seemed to be true to me.

I remember the twenty-four hours clearly when I foremost went to school. It was a new life to me. but I liked it really much. I made friends with many male childs at that place. I went to school with them and I enjoyed these really much. My instructors loved me really much. I was ne’er afraid of them and they ne’er beat me. I did my lessons good every twenty-four hours. I was fond of story-books. I read the narratives of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. They left a deep feeling on me. Sometimes tears stood in my eyes when I read about the agonies of Seeta.

My grand-mother grew really old. She died when I was nine old ages old. I loved her really much. Sometimes mother scolded me for making some mischievousness. But my grand-mother shielded me. I was rather save at that place. So I felt great sorrow at her decease. This is a sad remembrance of my childhood.

My sister is older than I by eight old ages. Her matrimony ceremonial took topographic point when I was 10 old ages old. It was a vary happy juncture. I absented myself from school for several yearss. My bosom was filled with joy. On the twenty-four hours of the matrimony our house was crowded with friends and relations. In the flushing the bridegroom and his party came. Conch shells were blowing to welcome the bridegroom. Musicians were playing on their sets. A expansive banquet was given to the invitees. I supplied H2O to the invitees. Of class. I ate my fill that dark. Thus I spent the twenty-four hours in the thick of banquet and gaiety.


My yearss of childhood were truly spent in felicity. There was merely the sad incident of my grandmother’s decease. I had no attentions and anxiousnesss. I thought of feeding. reading. playing and have oning homosexual apparels and beautiful places and nil else. Now I am a grown-up chap. I can non now pass yearss so care-free as I did in the yesteryear.


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