Childhood Obesity

November 7, 2017 Health

Childhood Obesity Stephanie Cervantes ENG 122 Deborah Zeringue May 15, 2011 Childhood Obesity The writer has chosen to research the topic of childhood obesity. An article in the Washington Post tells us a disturbing fact: “With one in three children in this country overweight or worse, the future health and productivity of an entire generation — and a nation — could be in jeopardy. ” (Levine, Stein 2008. ara. 4) That number is alarming! In my research I would like to find out why this problem is becoming more and more serious with every year that passes, and what contributes to the increase of obese children in America. In order to effectively limit my topic, I am aware that I have to do quite a bit of preliminary research in order to narrow the topic down and make it organized and informative.

As the author of the course material said: “The purpose of preliminary research is not to gather information about your topic; instead, it is to help you select some specific aspects of the topic you want to research and to limit or narrow the scope of your research study. ” (Sole, Kathy 2010. sec. 3. 3) That being said, right now I am at a point where I am still doing preliminary research and I am trying to narrow down the options I have to write about. My next step will be to make an outline that will help me organize the points I want to cover in my paper, and in what order I will talk about them.

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The claim I plan to use in my research paper is: “As parents we determine whether or not our children will be obese by our own weight, and by establishing good eating habits. ” References Levine, S. , Stein, R. (2008, May 17). Obesity Threatens a Generation. The Washington Post. Retrieved from: http://www. washingtonpost. com/wp-dyn/content/story/2008/05/09/ST2008050900425. html Sole, K (2010) Writing College Research Papers. Retrieved from: https://content. ashford. edu/books/AUENG122. 10. 2/sections/sec3. 3


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