Childhood or sustaining a family. Therefore, being

February 6, 2019 Law

Childhood Versus Adulthood
“Childhood is dream, Adulthood is waking up from that dream and facing reality” (anonymous). In many cases, that is true. Childhood is being carefree, running around the house, playing games with friends, or even doing school homework. Adulthood is being responsible, self-reliant, and having more freedom. In general, people often say life for everyone in this generation is hard , but kids don’t understand the responsibilities adult have, such as paying the bills, going to work, or sustaining a family. Therefore, being a child or an adult are tremendously different in many ways.
Children have less responsibilities, independence, and freedom than adults. Childhood is undoubtedly the period of one’s life when they can be most carefree, and take on less responsibilities when compared to adults. They simply have fewer factors to worry about, as the majority of the things are taken care of for them, such as a shelter, food, and financial needs. As a result of this, children are more dependent on others, especially their parents or legal guardians. Children often feel protected and secure because they know their parents will always be there to support them. However, that also means children are not capable of making decisions for themselves, thus children are required to obey the rules of their parents and school. They have less power in their say, and their freedom is controlled. For instance, this could be asking permission for a night out with friends, not being able to speak out against their parents, or not being able to purchase something their parents does not like. Overall, childhood is when someone is at a low maturity level, so they are not ready to be independent, free, and to act responsibly.
Growing up into adulthood means one have to take on more responsibilities, be independent, and eventually be exposed to society. It is the time when one are legally responsible for their own actions, nobody else will be there to hold your back. This new found responsibility also includes being a good citizen and following the law. Also, being an adult will have a lot more factors to be taken care of than those innocent and relaxing times, such as paying the bills, mortgages, taking care of your own family, pursuing a career, and many many more. Furthermore, adults are expected to be independent, financially and emotionally. Financially, it is important to self dependent, instead of asking parents for continuous financial support. Emotionally, adults are expected to act age-appropriately, and solve problems on their own. Additionally, people who are grown into adulthood have already been exposed to society and walked into the real, sometimes cruel world. Adults are more often forced to accept the fact that there isn’t always going to be a second chance for something you failed to accomplish. Therefore, being an adult is challenging and stressful with overloaded amounts of responsibilities, as well as being independent as they walk into society.

In general, childhood and adulthood are the two different stages in people’s lives, it can be different and similar in many ways. Childhood is the low maturity stage where they have less freedom, responsibility and independence. Adulthood, however, is when someone is matured enough to be responsible for their own actions, being independent and integrated into the society. Both stages deals with relationships, have learning opportunities and development in physical changes.

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