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Childhood development is the genetic and internal factors that affect a child’s training. The connection between a child’s environment and a child’s development are explored in Lullabies for Little Criminals. The main characters health and well-being is corrupt due to many broken circumstances she has faced in her life at the age of thirteen. Using the social determinants of health, this essay will explore the causes of Baby’s health and well being in contrast to my prosperity. In the book Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O’Neill, Baby’s socio-economic standing has exposed her to risk factors such as living in numerous households, and having no true parents in her life, as her father figure failed to fill his role, since he turned to heroine. Moreover, my upbringing and socio-economic standing differs from Baby’s, as I thankfully have not been exposed to the same risks.
Baby spends her time in numerous households that were all in unstable settings. She has been moved around her whole life whether or not her father was with her. Even when living with her father, they lived by an unsuitable part of Montreal for a young child. O’Neill states (2016), “the streets were surrounded on all sides by areas where prostitutes and drug dealers did their business all day” (p. 287). Due to her father’s servere addiction he nor his daughter have their lives well-organized. Baby does not have a say as to where they live because she is still young. Baby’s father Jules is to blame for her upbringing and well-being as she is exposed to atrocious circumstances. Davidson states (2014), “it is also true that being on the street, partly through stress and partly through exposure to “street culture” can lead to substance abuse. It can also lead to becoming a victim of violence”… “being properly housed is an obvious determinant of good health” (204-205). This quote relates to the social determinant of health, physical environment. I order for a young child to grow up properly there needs to be a stable environment including heating and air conditioning and well working appliances so the family is able to thrive together. In contrast, I had a stable home that was protected from drugs and alcohol as my family had careers and cared about how I was raised. I was brought up in a safe and connected town that had good public schools, which meant a lot to my parents values. Being near a stable public school system is the last things Jules would of thought of for his daughter, now showing how Baby’s life is such a wreck. Growing up, Baby has always been unprotected from the drug and alcohol scene thus leading to her struggle of addiction at the age of thirteen.
If I had developed a drug addiction I would of had the social support and guidance to terminate that addiction. Baby was not able to abolish her addiction because of her socio-economic standard. Davidson states (2014), “the richer your personal network, the better your physical and mental health because of (a) improved access to resources and (b) enhanced control over your life prospects..” (128). Contrasting mine and Baby’s support system, mine would have been a lot better based on our amount if income also.
Baby has grown up motherless as her mother died just after she was born. Jules, her father tried to fill the mother roll but has failed as he cannot even fill his own role of being a valuable father. Baby is often neglected by her father because of his serious heroin addiction and ends up being by herself a lot of the time. O’Neill writes (2016), “he came home in the morning as if a piano had fallen on him , as if he’d been run over by a herd of antelopes… Then he started disappearing for longer stretches of time… he said he might be gone overnight” (141-142). Baby at first panicked that her father left her alone so often, but then it became immune to Baby growing up by herself. Not having a mother in her life to guide her along the right path is evident in the book due to Baby’s actions. Baby never learned the differences of right and wrong and goes along with what Jules does as that is all she knows. Baby shows great passion for her father but as she grows up, she begins to realize that he is unable to take care of himself let alone herself. Jules is not able to give Baby the things she needs to flourish as a young girl. Not having a mother figure is hard for Baby because she is not used to that loving feature that mothers have over their children. Jules is oblivious to see that he is selfish and does not want to put everything he has out for his daughter. He is not able to provide the basic needs for his child due to his selfishness. Growing up I had two very stable parents and was lucky to have a family that raised me correctly. Even though Baby and I rely on our families to be somewhat stable, my family had the financial needs to be stable whereas hers did not.


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