Children Obesity

By January 2, 2018 Health

Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Andrew P. Statement an expert in health care and a comprehensive researcher respectively, express their optimistic view on the issue, and will add to my credentials. Their view indicate that the speed at which the reduction in child obesity is being achieved, has far exceed that of what was done in response to that when tobacco was the focal point.

It is very evident that the delayed tactics are being use as those in the tobacco issue, in spite of the greater economic and political support surrounding the childhood obesity scenario A plateau in the rate of holding obesity as articulated in the article by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, highlighted that the individual types of intervention methods presently being use to fight this issue is not enough hence the timing and need for a national collective and inclusive approach should be adopted in an effort to eradicate this evil from society.

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The progress is hampered whereby the unhealthy food and beverage companies continues to cast doubt on the scientific evidence that shows the harm from its products along with the lobbying against national policies and proponents hat would aims to reduce the use and promotion of unhealthy food. Fast-food companies advertise sodas, high-sugar, -fat and -salt products to children by cleverly using social media and testing to bypass parental controls and regulators.

The lobbyist ensures that this is achieve through the financing of politician campaigns who support the food industry anti-regulatory goals, with the protections from corporate-friendly courts, they refuse to support legislation to curtail these activities. (Nicholas Brandenburg, May 6, 2014) Another contributing factor to present state of holding obesity is due to lack of increase in the number of children none participation in physical activities.


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