Chilean Wine Case Essay

October 5, 2017 Marketing

1. ( a ) Discuss the extent to which you think MontGras can command its ain market place. as opposed to being dominated by the country-of-origin consequence. and be perceived as a “Chilean Wine” ? ( 8 points ) MontGras purpose was to bring forth higher-quality vinos. they can utilize this scheme as a competitory advantage to market and export the vino and widen its market besides. While the other Chilean vino manufacturers focused on selling inexpensive vino and utilizing the “Chilean Wine” run to market the vino in the United States. United Kingdom. Germany and Japan. MontGras used the breaking away positioning to bring forth higher-quality vinos that commanded premium monetary values. This could assist MontGras to command its market as compared to the other Chilean vino manufacturers whose focal point concentrated on bring forthing same quality vino at a low monetary value to sell internationally.

Therefore MontGras. has a niche market compared to its rivals who are concentrating on the low priced vino by MontGras. Wine consumers select the type of vino utilizing the state of beginning. and since Chile did non hold an attractive image as a state this made it difficult to market the “Chilean wine” . MontGras need to utilize the monetary value scheme to market the vino other than utilizing the state of beginning as a placement scheme. Because if they use the “Chilean wine” run so they will hold competition from the many markets participants in Chile who focused on export.

( B ) What implications does this hold for marketing scheme? ( 7 points ) MontGras will hold a well-established niche market from the consumers that look for a premium quality vino and therefore they will confront less competition from the other low priced Chilean vinos. The monetary value scheme will make a trade name image in the consumer’s head since high monetary value is a warrant of a quality vino. Chilean vino industry had many participants in 2006 and by take parting at the “Chilean vino campaign” MontGras would non pull clients due to the competition from the Chilean good established trade names. MontGras need to place its market more strategically by utilizing monetary value and quality than following the run which would be a waste of clip and less gross revenues.

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2. Measure the US and UK options individually. For each state. which option would you urge and why? ( 15 points ) UK was the major export finish for the MontGras vino at the same clip MontGras had grown to be one of the top 10 Chilean vino exporters to the UK. This means the UK distributers had created a ready market for MontGras vino and Middleton needed to maintain this relationship. MontGras selling scheme was to sell higher quality vinos at a premium monetary value. Therefore. Middleton should set up the premiss channel to be branded DeGras intending they continue to provide vino to the restaurant’s and maintain the clients. At the same clip they can take advantage of Tesbury offer and maintain the off premiss channel name MontGras to sell the vino to the regular shop clients.

MontGras in the terminal will maintain both eating house and supermarket clients and in the long tally the distributers will maintain administering DeGras to the eating houses. With the alteration of vino names the eating house consumers will non worry about the monetary value differences. US market was non every bit antiphonal as the UK Market to the MontGras vino. MontGras was holding a hard clip acquiring a distributer for the US market and they were forced to end two of the contracts. The adviser came up with two schemes for MontGras to implement. either to utilize the World Wine Importers or Cabo imports to administer the vino in the US. The World Wine Importers was a fast turning vino distributer that had selling 200 different vino trade names. This distributer could neglect MontGras like it happened in 1999. when the gross revenues forces did non even know the vino trade name.

The selling scheme offered by MontGras was assuring low gross revenues and monetary values which could hold affected MontGras in the long tally and besides change its trade name which was selling vino at a premium monetary value. Comparing the gross of the two distributers Cabo Imports gross was $ 120 million and World Wide Importers gross was $ 200 million which shows that the Cabo imports was executing really good since it was administering merely 50 different vino trade names. Therefore for the US market I would propose Middleton to take Cabo investing since they wanted to keep MontGras premium monetary value and quality vino. MontGras need to place themselves in the US market and by set uping the title-holder trade name it would pull more client. By holding the MontGras employee to supervise the US market would be a good thing because the employee will track the public presentation of the distributer in the US.


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