Chinese New Year Essay

September 12, 2017 General Studies

The Chinese New Year is now popularly known as the Spring Festival because it starts at the beginning of spring. The beginning of spring is normally around the Forth or fifth of Feburary. It’s beginnings are excessively old to be traced but several accounts have been presented. All agree that the word Nian. now Chinese for twelvemonth. was originally the name of a monster that started to feed on people the dark before the beginning of the new twelvemonth. One fable goes that the monster had an tremendous oral cavity that could get down a great sum of people in one bite. One twenty-four hours. an old adult male came to their deliverance. offering to repress Nian.

He said to the monster. ”I hear say that you are really capable. but can you get down other animal of quarry on Earth alternatively of people who by no agencies of your worthy oppositions? ” So Nian went away and swallowed many of the animal of quarry on Earth that besides harrassed people and their domestic animate beings. After that. the old adult male disappeared siting Nian. The old adult male turned out to be an immortal God and before he left. he told the people to set ruddy paper ornaments on their Windowss and doors at each year’s terminal to frighten away Nian in instance it sneaked back once more. because ruddy is the colour the animal feared the most.

From so on. the tradition of detecting the conquering of Nian has been carried on from coevals to coevals. The usage of seting up ruddy paper and firing fire-crackers to frighten off Nian is still about. However. people today have long forgotten why they are making all this. except that they feel that the colour and the sound add to the exhilaration of the jubilation. Even though the cilmax of the Chinese New Year. Nian. lasts merely two or three yearss including the New Year’s eve. the New Year’s jubilation extends from the mid-twelfth month of the old twelvemonth to the center of the first month of the new twelvemonth.

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A month before new old ages is a good clip for concern. Peoples will pour out their money to purchase nowadayss. ornaments. nutrient and vesture. The transit section. railway in peculiar. is nervously waiting for the crowds of travellers who take their yearss off around New Year to travel back place for a household reunion from all parts of the state. Days before the New Year. every household is busy cleaning their places. trusting to brush away all the ill-fortune there may hold been in the household to do manner for the desirous in-coming good fortune. Peoples besides give their doors and window window glasss a fresh coat of ruddy pigment.

They decorate thier doors and Windowss with pairs with the really popular subject of “happiness” . “wealth” . “longivity” . and “satisfactory matrimony with more children” . Paintings of the same subject are hung inside the house. The Eve of the New Year is carefully planned. At dinner. one the most popular dish is jiaozi. dumplings boiled in H2O. “Jiaozi” in Chinese agencies. “to slumber together and have sons” . a good want for a household. After dinner. the whole household stays up and play cards or a board game. Every visible radiation in the house is susposed to be kept on the whole dark.

At midnight. the whole sky will be lit up by pyrotechnics. Early on the following forenoon the kids recieve gifts of money wrapped in ruddy paper from thier parents. The household so goes out recognizing relations and neighbours. During and several yearss after New Year’s twenty-four hours people are sing eachother so they exchange alot of gifts. Although many of the people who celebrate Chinese New Year have long since forgotten it’s original significance. it remains one of the most culturally rich jubilations around today. In many ways it is like our Christmas. Forth of July. and New Years all rolled into one.


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