Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart English Literature Essay

September 29, 2017 English Literature

Harmonizing to Aristotle a calamity is “ a play… which recounts an of import and casually related series of events in the life of a individual of significance, such events climaxing in an unhappy calamity, the whole treated with great self-respect and earnestness. ” The fresh Things Fall Apart, written by Chinua Achebe begins as a narrative about the life of a adult male named Okonkwo. It recounts the events get downing with his childhood and stoping with his decease. Part I of the novel is about Okonkwo, his household, and the imposts and civilization of his kin. In Part II the white work forces came from England, conveying with them their ain civilization, faith, and authorities. Part III focuses on the battle between the clanswomans and the missionaries. Okonkwos pride, aspiration and certitude play a big portion in the battle for freedom. Harmonizing to Arthur Miller, “ the tragic feeling is evoked in us when we are in the presence of a character who is ready to put down his life, if need be, to procure one thing – his sense of personal self-respect… Tragedy, so is the effect of a adult male ‘s entire irresistible impulse to measure himself rightly. ”

A A A In the terminal of Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo does decease for his cause, nevertheless whether or non his decease can be classified as heroic is problematic. As the small town was holding a meeting as to what must be done in response to the invasion, they were confronted with five tribunal couriers. The caput courier demanded transition, and was confronted by Okonkwo. When the courier ordered the meeting to halt, Okonkwo drew his matchet and beheaded the adult male. The following twenty-four hours the territory commissioner arrived to take Okonkwo off, merely to happen that Okonkwo had hung himself. It can be argued that his decease came from his “ implicit in fright of being displaced… his battle… to derive his ‘rightful ‘ place in his society ” ( Miller ) . It can be argued that he was excessively proud, and that the value of his life was excessively great to be condemned by the white work forces. A tragic hero “ insists on showing himself even though he must endure for his ego averment ” ( Hibbard, Holman, and Thrall ) . This is true in Okonkwo instance. Besides, it is said that “ the hero is non randomly struck down but has in some manner contributed to his autumn ” ( Hibbard, Holman, and Thrall ) . This is true in that Okonkwo did take to kill the courier, and did take his ain life. In the novel, Obierika, Okonkwos best friend, relates to the Commissioner how he feels about Okonkwos decease ;

A A A The manner in which Okonkwo took his ain life can besides take to the statement that he was no hero, but that he took the easy manner out. “ The pathetic is achieved when the supporter is, by virtuousness of his witlessness, his insensitiveness, or the really air he gives off, incapable of coping with a much superior force ” ( Miller ) . It can be agreed that his decease was slightly hapless as opposed to heroic. It is besides hypocritical that Okonkwo worked so difficult to be respected and to stand up for his ain imposts, and yet took his ain life, which in the kin was considered an abomination. “ It is an discourtesy against the Earth, and a adult male who commits it will non be buried by his clanswomans. His organic structure is evil, and merely aliens may touch it ” ( 207 ) . For the tragic hero “ the devastation of the organic structure is, nevertheless, frequently accompanied by such expansion of the spirit that, no affair how atrocious the effects of the mistake, the hero has triumphed over them and subjugated them by his illustriousness of head ” ( Hibbard, Holman, and Thrall ) . Okonkwos decease was rather opposite. His spirit was in no manner enlarged, if anything it was diminished. Besides illustriousness of head was non achieved through his decease, and in no manner had he triumphed. “ His devastation in the effort posits a incorrect or an immorality in his environment ” ( Miller ) . Alternatively of Okonkwos decease conveying gallantry and enlightenment, it merely brought evil. He had possible to be a tragic hero, alternatively he was simply tragic.

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A A A Things Fall Apart can most decidedly be defined as a calamity, but the supporter is non a tragic hero. Though he has many features of the tragic hero, his decease falls short of gallantry. It could be concluded that Achebe intentionally ended Okonkwos life in this manner in order to convey to the reader a sense of corruption ; to go forth the book lacking. The terminal lacks an stoping. The District Commissioner simply mentions that he may be able to utilize the narrative of Okonkwo to make full a paragraph of the book he is composing. This statement wholly diminishes the importance of Okonkwos life ; possibly in an attempt to associate the manner that these people and this civilization has been tossed off and finally forgotten, aside from the occasional


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