Chris Nolan Auteur Essay

September 22, 2017 General Studies

Auteur theory could be applied to Christopher Nolan as his movies feature repeating elements. the theory its ego. derives from an “influential group of French movie critics and movie shapers during the 1950’s” ( Nykki Montano movie 110 ) . Auteur theory examines the single originative vision and personal position of the manager. an auteur will have repeating subjects in their movies. from utilizing the same histrions as the supporter for their movies to even utilizing the same cameraman and composer for the soundtrack. The alone qualities that make Christopher Nolan an auteur are that. for most of his films Nolan plays on the breakability of memory. for illustration giving his characters split personality’s or memory loss.

This can be seen in Nolan’s 2000 movie Memento. The Film Memento isn’t the type of movie that has a definite reply. The film is really merely one large interpretative inquiry. The basic inquiry on everyone’s head being “what is really traveling on in this film? ” Since the narrative is told backwards and is about a adult male. Leonard Shelby ( played by Guy Pearce ) who suffers from a memory upset. Nolan and Guy’s character province. “It’s non amnesia. ” This makes the film even more questionable. because the audience is given another factor of confusion that is. can this character be trusted.

The manner Nolan portrays the jokester in the dark dark is besides typical of the manager. as the jokester is given no individuality. much like Leonard Shelby in Memento Another trait of is that he often uses difficult cuts when transitioning to the following scene. This is noticeable in his movies from ‘Batman Begins’ onward. particularly in The Dark Knight. as in some cases. the difficult cuts he uses will travel so far as to about cut off character’s lines in order to rapidly and expeditiously acquire to the following scene.

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