Christian-Only Hiring Policy Essay

By September 2, 2017 General Studies

Case Study: Matthew is be aftering to open a fabrication installation. He is sing a “Christian-only” hiring policy whereby he would find to engage merely professing. evangelical Christians to work in the installation. He asks you for your advice on the undermentioned inquiries: 1. Would such a policy be legal? If so. under what footings and what might the limitations be? 2. From a Great Commission position. would this policy be advisable? 3. How would your replies change. if at all. if they planned to open a Christian school instead than a fabrication installation?

Matthew is be aftering to open a fabrication installation and is sing a “Christian-only” hiring policy. The lone manner that this policy would be legal is if the fabrication installation was considered to be a non-profit organisation. A non-profit organisation is an organisation that uses excess grosss to accomplish its ends instead than administering them as net income or dividends. The extent to which a non-profit organisation can bring forth excess grosss may be constrained or usage of excess grosss may be restricted. If this fabrication installation was deemed to be a non-profit organisation. so the organisation would be exempt from the Civil Rights Act and would be able to implement their “Christian-only” hiring policy without confronting charges down the route of favoritism. Due to the fact that a fabrication installation would be unable to be classified as a non-profit organisation because their intent is normally to administer its merchandises for net income. so my advice would be that this policy would non be advisable for Matthew to utilize a “Christian-only” hiring policy.

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Using this policy would do people to be discriminated against due to spiritual penchant. and this is clearly illegal in the United States. If Matthew was be aftering to open a Christian school instead than a fabrication installation. my reply would still be that it is illegal to know apart in a for-profit organisation. There are times when a faith-based human-centered organisation has prevailed over the cases brought against them for favoritism due to spiritual penchant. nevertheless. I do non rede dallying with the grey country of the Torahs. I would rede Matthew that if he intends to open his fabrication installation. it is non legal and non advisable to implement his “Christian-only” hiring policy.


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