Christian Theology in A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay

October 10, 2017 Theology

“A Good Man is Difficult to Find” by Flannery O’Conner reflects the Christian belief that even the most improbable of people can be receivers of God’s grace. The grandma and the Misfit. both “bad” in their ain ways. are each improbable and unworthy receivers of grace. Harmonizing to Christian divinity. worlds are granted redemption through God’s grace. which can be bestowed upon to even the most improbable.

The grandmother’s and the Misfit’s moral codifications they live by that affect their actions. determinations and perceptual experiences. The term “moral” doesn’t needfully intend good. but is merely the manner people choose to populate their lives. At first it seems as if it is the Misfit who lacks counsel as he continuously slayings people. It is the grandma whose moral codification is weak and inconsistent. She has built her ethical motives entirely on what she believes make people “good. ” She pays a great sum of attending in being a lady. repeatedly deceives her household. and lacks a clear point of view on the universe around her. She boasts about her love for Christianity. but does non look to be able to pray when she finds herself in crisis. She even begins to oppugn the power and deity of Jesus. It is clear the grandma is non sincere and cognizant of her actions. The Misfit has a strong and consistent moral codification. The Misfit believes that the penalties he received from his experience of being a convicted felon were ever disproportionate to his offense. and the offense doesn’t even matter at the terminal.

He besides shows a echt wonder about faith. The grandma accepts faith unquestioningly while the Misfit challenges these beliefs and thinks profoundly on how he should follow them or non. The Misfit has chosen to populate under his premise that faith is unpointed and goes with his ain belief “No pleasance but beastliness. ” ( O’Conner 941 ) . The Misfit merely wishes he was present to see Jesus rise from the dead so he could cognize the events were factual. It is obvious the grandma in “A Good Man is Difficult to Find” lies to her grandchildren. manipulates her boy. and makes several comments as to why the yesteryear times have high quality to the present. She believes she is morally superior to those younger than her. She besides believes she has the right to judge the goodness of others and state them how to populate their lives. The grandma seems rather unmindful to world as she heads the household to someplace wholly different than where she thought they were. The tragic wreck was all due to the grandmother’s ignorance. Towards the concluding minutes of her life. she instructs the Misfit to pray. despite the fact she lacks the sincere qualities herself necessary to organize a supplication. As she grows afraid of what will go on to her. she agrees with the Misfit and changes her head about Jesus lifting from the dead.

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Her making so reflects she is baffled and unsure of her beliefs doing her a really improbable receiver of grace. The Misfit is an impenitent liquidator who finds no pleasance in anything but beastliness. He shows no compunction for his actions. The Misfit was cognizant of Jesus being crucified. but felt that he would hold had to see it to believe it for certain. Both characters show accustomed wickednesss and finally are each undeserving receivers of grace. Even people like the grandma and the Misfit have possible to be saved by God. harmonizing to Christian Theology. The grandma experiences a minute of grace after the Misfit’s want to cognize for certain what Jesus did and didn’t do. Her caput clears momently and she says “Why you’re one of my babes. You’re one of my ain kids! ” ( O’Conner 948 ) . This suggests that the grandma is recognizing that they both are of the same sort. Given the fortunes. her remark seems pretty insane. but this is the grandmother’s clearest minute in the narrative. She shows compassion which implies that God has granted her grace merely before she is shot by the Misfit.

The Misfit excessively. is unfastened to decorate at this minute. He claims earlier in the narrative there was “no pleasance but meanness” in life. and now denies there is any pleasance in life at all after killing the grandma. All his violent deaths have quit giving him felicity. proposing that he. excessively. may further the possibility to alter. “A Good Man is Difficult to Find” has a strong. slightly rough portraiture of faith. The characters in this narrative are both awakened and their religion is altered. The Christian thought of minutes of grace in this narrative apply to existent life. It is believed among many Christian followings that God’s grace is really powerful. unlike any other homo could give to another. Most people misunderstand this and believe that approvals are granted upon those who do good plants and penalties through bad plants.

The usage of grace has nil to make with any sorts of plants. which is where most people are mistaken. Rather. the rule to the Christian divinity of grace is recognized in the bible by Solomon. He said it is conceited to judge God on affairs of good or bad plants. God can certainly make as he pleases and His ways are opposite of man’s ways. Solomon says: “There is amour propre that is done under the Earth ; that there be merely work forces. unto whom it happens harmonizing to the work of the wicked ; once more. there be wicked work forces. to whom it happens harmonizing to the work of the righteous: I said that this is besides amour propre. ” ( Ecclesiastes 5:14 )

This quotation mark suggests that despite the actions one may make. it is up to the grace of God that determines what that individual deserves or does non merit. The usage of grace is all portion of God’s program for worlds. No affair how many work forces judge a individual. it is merely God’s judgement that determines who receives grace. The grandma and Misfit have been awarded the positive facets of grace. which is non dependent on plants of any sort. Harmonizing to Christian divinity. worlds are commanded to be righteous and non evil. It says in the bible that God loves his creative activities so intensely he gave his lone boy to decease for all human wickednesss. which was a large inquiry grade for the Misfit. If merely he had known for certain possibly he would hold ne’er committed the immoral offenses he did. If the Misfit would hold merely known that harmonizing to Christian divinity. all worlds are destined by God’s Godhead grace no affair what deeds that have been done on Earth. he would hold made wiser determinations. If merely the grandma had been changeable every twenty-four hours all of her life. harmonizing to the Misfit. would she hold been a better lady.

When thought of Christian divinity. one would hold it merely pertains to religion and God. Theology is the survey of faith. and God’s relation to the universe. Theology is based upon the Old and New Testament in the Bible. every bit good as historic traditions practiced by Christians. It has been practiced for 1000s of old ages. Peoples have ever tried to do justifications to reason. examine. clarify. defend or promote Christianity. The Misfit seems to cognize most facets when it comes to the Christian faith. as he talks about all of Christ’s plants in the narrative. The manner he viewed Christian beliefs was all an result on how he lived his life. “Our constructs about the Godhead inform our lives more profoundly than most people can follow. Whether God is viewed as distant or nigh. as gracious or freakish. as concerned or apathetic. the decisions we reach—whether the consequence of careful contemplation or negligent assumptions—guide our lives. ” ( Kapic 1 ) The manner people live their lives depends on an individuals’ belief about divinity and the manner God relates to the universe. It is the beliefs people choose to accept that finally ushers mundane lives.

Whether people choose to accept or deny that there is a God. it is all based on single experiences and beliefs. The grandma seemed to hold thought she knew all about Christianity. but judging by her actions. it is clear she did non truly unrecorded righteously. There is no factual grounds that Jesus is existent. but many have come to have grace in their concluding minutes. as shown in “A Good Man. ” Believers of Christian religion are thought out to be hypocritical and this stereotype fits the grandmother’s character in “A Good Man Is Difficult to Find. ” Just like the grandma and Misfit in the narrative. it is grace that enabled them to come to Christ unfeignedly.

The concluding lines in the narrative depict both the grandmother’s and Misfit’s realisations as if they have received replies to all inquiries about life. “A Good Man is Difficult to Find” reflects the Christian divinity of grace. The grace of God is a gift. and if willing to accept it. even when undeserving. worlds can be granted redemption like the grandma was. The grace of God has been shown non to confer upon the mere signifier of actions. but onto 1s who are unfastened to Christ. harmonizing to “A Good Man Is Difficult To Find. ”

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