Christopher Columbus Evaluation Essay

August 28, 2017 Communication

Who was the sailing master. coloniser. and explorer extraordinaire that dauntlessly journeyed the seas and “discovered” the great “New World” ? It was Christopher Columbus. of class! However. in world. Columbus didn’t really detect the Americas. Rather. he traveled to an already-inhabited land with not-so-civilized dwellers. and expropriated both the land. and the autochthonal people. By making this. he brought colonists from Europe. who helped take over the land. doing plentifulness of agony and mayhem. but besides finishing the map and transforming life for people around the universe.

Some believe he was a hero. and some believe he was a monster. However. one man’s addition is another’s loss in most instances. Columbus brought alteration. both good and bad. through his actions. which defined his character and personality. Columbus’s journey to the Americas sowed seeds of alteration and revolution for people all over the universe. More people came to the “New World” to settle. and indigens were brought to Europe. and more alien gustatory sensations were introduced to both hemispheres ; cowss. sugar. and hogs to the West. tomatoes. murphies. maize. and chocolate to the East.

New animate beings. particularly the Equus caballus. changed mundane life for Native Americans. and written linguistic communication spread the continent. replacing either a complicated system of hieroglyphics or nil at all. Soon. people from all over the Earth began geting in great Numberss. and the continent became a successful beacon of hope for many. Of class. with the up rise of some came the ruin of others. The autochthonal people of the New World could non defy the conquistadors’ most annihilating arm: disease.

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Millions were wiped out by variola entirely. and many were so sick that they could non defy the European conquering. The indigens were non the lone 1s who suffered. Back in Europe. people started enduring from pox with the return of the conquistadors. Tobacco. its pleasances. and its deathly secrets were even more gifts to the Old World from the New. As the local population began to shrivel. a new type of alien began to get in big Numberss. the Africans. As agriculture-based economic system began to distribute in the Americas. so did bondage. and enduring for the Africans.

Therefore. the seeds of racial hostility were sowed and still impact our society today. Christopher Columbus’s character and personality have long been problematic. Depending on how you measure his actions. he could either be a hero or a scoundrel to you. Young pupils today are present with the image of a “largerthanlife” national hero. In some ways. he is. Without him. the American citizens of today might non even be here. However. it was inevitable that an foreigner would falter across this land and present their people to it. and the native people to a more civilised life style.

At the same clip. the manner that Columbus went about making that was decidedly inhumane. Harmonizing to a journal entry from Columbus himself. dated back to 1492. he gained their trust and friendly relationship merely so that he could change over them and turn them into slaves. Not merely that. but he took over a land that was already inhabited by people. tormented the people so much that there are non even 200 of the native population left today. and claimed that he was the first to spy the land.

All this shows that he was really lead oning. unscrupulous. selfish. and decidedly deficient chaste. In decision. Columbus’s conquering to the New World brought forth alteration. both for the better. and for worse. while his selfish personality showed through the whole clip. Whether you see him as a hero or a scoundrel. the hit of the New and Old universes was inevitable. and his parts brought forth a connexion and universe that we should wholly be really grateful for.


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