Chronicles of Narnia

Chronicles of Narnia The Chronicles of Narnia research paper The Chronicle of Narnia is a very interesting book, it has a classic Good vs. Evil plot. In this story four brave children a saved land. The book and the movie did not have many differences except for some that were small. To begin the plot of the book, the story takes place during the Second World War in London. Their father was gone in the war and they were living with their mother, there city was getting bombed so they were forced to evacuate.

Their mother sent them away to live with Professor Digory Kirke who lived on the country side. They were very bored on a rainy day in England and decided to play hiding go seek. Lucy who was the youngest child was the weakest emotionally and was many times rejected cause of her young age. While in the house playing the game she stumbled upon a room in the back of the house hidden and secluded, were she decided to go. Struggling to find a place to hide she came upon a wardrobe.

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While in the wardrobe she discovers that it was a portal to a snow covered forest. She was so amazed by her unexpected path into this hidden world, while searching a looking around this land she met a faun. He introduces himself as Mr. Tumnus who invites her home for some tea. Once in the house he began to talk to her, telling her about Narnia an how once it was a beautiful land until it was taken over by the evil White witch who covered the land in snow. After speaking with Mr.

Tumnus on this, she had to return to her home, having spent hours in Narnia, to find that only a few minutes have passed in England. She finds her sibling an explains to them of her indifferent experience in a strange land called Narnia. She is unable to convince the others of her adventure as the wardrobe now appears merely as a wardrobe. Several weeks later another game of hide and seek is going on when Lucy and Edmund both hide in the wardrobe, and find that It leads to Narnia. This time in Narnia Edmund and Lucy both have different experiences.

While in Narnia, Edmund fails to catch up with Lucy and encounters a pale lady on a sledge, after reviling her identity Edmund is unaware of her evil hold on the land of Narnia and that by using him she can gain acces to the other children an stop the prophecies from being fulfilled, but she wins him over with a few Turkish delights. After returning from Narnia this time Lucy has someone who can tell of their adventure but Edmund denies all things that happened in Narnia and the land itself. A few days later all four children scramble to avoid Mrs.

Macready who is showing some visitors around the house. They hide in the wardrobe and find themselves in Narnia. Lucy guides them to Mr. Tumnus’s cave were they found that he had been arrested by the White Witch for having Lucy in his cave, they also ransacked the cave and destroyed all things. A pair of two talking beavers (Mr. and Mrs. Beaver) who shelter the children and recount an ancient prophecy that the witches power will fail when the two sons of Adam and two daughters of eve will fill the four thrones at Cair Parvel.

The beavers reveal that the true king of Narnia is great Lion King named Aslant. Edmund, who is still caught up in the witches lies runs away to her castle still thinking she is honest with, while the other children go off in search for Aslant who is the only one at the time with guidance and a solution . When Edmund arrives at the White Witches’s castle she treats him badly when she finds out that he did not return with his siblings, which was the only reason she befriended Edmund. Meanwhile the children find aslant and speak with him the go off in search for their betraying brother.

They save Edmund just as he is about to be killed. This presents a problem because although they saved him the witch has claim to all traitors, but aslant (who is the representative of good and purity), sacrifices himself in his place, for one who is pure can serve as a sacrifice in the place of one who is impure. Aslant is sacrificed, but comes back to life through a deeper magic. Afterwards the children wage war against the evil White Witch an her army in a classic Good vs. Evil fight. In the Final Battle the white which is destroyed by aslant and the prophecies are fulfilled.

Then the children are then taken to the castle were they see that the people of Narnia have been freed from the evil witches bondage ,then the four children are then named the Kings and Queens of Narnia.. There were some differences in the book but the movie played out nicely although it exaggerated such things, the author’s purpose was not lost. Some differences about the book and movie were that in the movie the white witch froze the whole land of Narnia but in the book they were stone.

Also in the last battle the movie portrayed the witch as the ultimate fighting machine who was unstoppable and killing everyone but in the book she didn’t come to the fight until the end an she only tried to kill Peter. Also at 1:45 movie time you see the beavers telling the children of the prophecy when in the book Aslant revealed this to them. Other than that the movie and the book had the same things in common the authors point was never really lost due to the fact that this author past years ago but his stories an legacy live on an were portrayed well in the movie. ?



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