Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler for Sale in Paper Mill

April 4, 2018 General Studies

Biomass fired boilers used in paper mills, sugar. Before the sugar refinery furnace using bagasse as fuel, but now take bagasse paper to create greater value, so do the circulating fluidized bed boiler still find many companies.Water cool circulating fluidized bed boiler is high thermal efficiency, coal adaptability , less pollution, has been widely recognized . To the existing chain boiler circulating fluidized bed boiler , the bulk -type grate , try to make the original boiler drum, convection tubes, superheater, economizer , air I , a basic steel frame can not be changed, just part of the changes to the furnace heating surface , the main combustion equipment, part of the furnace wall , drum fan, made ??of coal systems.Circulating fluidized bed boiler for paper mill in MalaysiaMalaysia paper mill was originally two SZL20-400/25 type chain grate boiler with 3000kW generators, designed to anthracite coal , bituminous coal and Class ? actual combustion , the local bituminous coal calorific ? 5000kcal/kg, price per ton 400 ( 2006 ) so, no local anthracite , anthracite coal ( calorific 4500kcal/kg) into the price of 230 yuan per ton / t. After 2006 the plant will be replaced by two chain boiler circulating fluidized bed boiler , do not use bituminous coal , but burning anthracite , blending original chain furnace slag , coal into the furnace heat around 3000kcal/kg, the original power consumption coal 1000g/kWh, now coal 1300g/kWh, whereby the cost of coal per kilowatt for :
Coal cost per kWh savings :
Original : 0.0004 yuan / gX1000g/kWh = 0.4 Yuan / kWh
After transformation : 0.00023 yuan / gX1300g/kWh = 0.3 Yuan / kWh
Per kWh saved : 0.1 yuan .
Each transformation of the total investment of 230 million yuan, 7,667 hours of full load operation that is 320 days recyclable investment.
The plant is completely changed after the use of the original furnace chain furnace slag , burned out cinder also be used as an additive for cement production , truly…


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