This assignment specifically addresses the following learning aims of the class: LO5 Demonstrate effectual communicating by composing composing that communicates thoughts. intending and/or statement in a format that loosely follows conventions in the information systems field.

LO6 Apply engineering and online accomplishments to turn up relevant information for the assignments. analyze the presented jobs and informations. and prosecute in the usage of the resources provided on UConnect.

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Individual entry
Students should finish this assignment separately. You are encouraged to discourse the assignment with others to better your apprehension and clarify demands but you should develop the solution to the assignment on your ain.

Plagiarism cheque
You must subject your written assignment to a plagiarism cheque by the TURNITIN package prior to its entry in the EASE system. The TURNITIN package can be indirectly accessed through the Study Desk without the demand to supply any login-id or watchword. Further inside informations on how you should construe the TURNITIN consequences will be posted in the Study Desk. No assignment will be marked if it is non accompanied by the TURNITIN drumhead study.

Case Study
You are the CTO of a successful package development company that operates internationally. The administration is human resource intensive and one of the challenges encountered was to supply an upto-date clip sheet record for salary computation intents. In order to better the HR system. you late attended a seminar on technological invention that can help machine-controlled clocking of employee attending. and you were really impressed with the constructs presented in the seminar. It occurred to you that this would offer possible solution to some of the challenges encountered by your administration and would be good received by the direction.

As a consequence of go toing this seminar. and subsequent audience with your senior directors. it was decided that wearable calculating based designation cards would be worth an probe. As an initial measure. you wanted to show this construct and associated vision of how wearable engineering would profit the administration. specifically in deciding clip sheet issues for paysheet system input. You are required to research the background for a undertaking to implement and pull off wearable calculating. usage Microsoft Excel to pattern a concern program. execute sensitiveness analysis to formalize premises. and make a presentation to seek support and mandate from senior direction to implement and pull off wearable calculating based designation tickets in your administration.


CIS8000 Global Information Systems Strategy

Assignment A

Activity A: Journal ( maximal 500 words )
Fix a diary which records your activities and advancement related to finishing this assignment. In day of the month order. clearly list the followers:
Date of research activity/discussion
Topic researched or discussed
Time continuance
Brief description of research activity/discussion.

Submit this diary ( Activity A ) as appendix A to the existent study ( Activity B ) to CEO. Your diary must supply all these activity inside informations to be awarded Markss.

Activity B: Presentation to Senior Management ( maximal 2000 words ) Before you commence this assignment guarantee you have completed Hands-on MIS Project # 1 to 5 in Appendix S. 1 in the Study Book. These exercisings are designed to familiarize you with the package. techniques and methods used in the assignment.

Part 1: Research the background for the wearable designation tickets undertaking
Conduct an Internet hunt to garner relevant background information on the above. In peculiar. you should turn to the followers:

1. How wearable computer science is utilized and its associated hazards 2. Advantages and disadvantages
3. The substructure required
4. Best-practice for how wearable tickets should be managed.

Submit this portion of Activity B ( Part 1 ) as initial subdivision of your study to CEO ( the existent study for assignment A ) to be able to understand the construct of wearable computer science and designation tickets constructs.

Remember: some of the readers of the study to the CEO are from non-technical background and make non understand proficient slangs and engineering behind the wearable computer science and designation tickets. You are advised to follow a balanced attack in your composing manner in this concern study to CEO ( any extremely proficient information can travel into the appendix B of the study ) .

Part 2: Develop the Excel theoretical account of the concern instance
Once you have completed Part 1. develop a spread-sheet theoretical account of your concern costs over a 4 twelvemonth period. Some of the stuffs provided in the MIS Projects may assist you to come up with a simple modeling. For the intent of patterning. presume a price reduction rate of 10 per cent. Your concern theoretical account should include the undermentioned analysis to determine the fiscal viability of the undertaking:

1. Payback period
2. Net present value ( NPV )
3. Internal rate of return ( IRR )
4. Profitability index
Hints: To obtain the payback period you would foremost necessitate to cipher the cumulative net hard currency flow. Use the NPV and IRR maps provided in Microsoft Excel. You may necessitate to seek the Internet for information if you are non familiar with how to utilize these maps. Interpret your consequences. Use the note in MIS Project # 4 – Capital Budgeting Methods for Information System Investments to steer you.

Remember: some of the readers of the study to the CEO are from non-financial background and make non understand. Payback period. NPV. IRR. and Profitability index. You are advised to supply descriptions. analysis. and deductions of these proficient facets in your existent study to CEO.

CIS8000 Global Information Systems Strategy

Assignment A

Part 3: Perform a sensitiveness analysis for the concern instance Using the consequences you obtained in Part 2 as the base instance. carry on a sensitiveness analysis to analyze the impact of the critical cost and benefit variables on the viability of the wearable ticket undertaking. Supply three specific scenarios of consideration. You must clearly stipulate the footing of the three scenarios i. e. which critical cost variables they are analyzing in the sensitiveness analysis Carefully analyse your consequences and do appropriate recommendations to the company’s senior direction as to how the critical cost variables should be managed to guarantee that the wearable ticket undertaking is both feasible and sustainable in the long term.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the concern instance and sensitiveness analysis constructs you should do an attempt to read appropriate stuff. including those from the Internet. to larn about them.

Remember: some of the readers of the study to the CEO are from non-financial background and make non understand sensitiveness. You are advised to supply descriptions. analysis. and deductions of these proficient facets in your existent study to CEO.

Part 4: Make a study to senior direction
4. 1 Consolidate and cross-analyse your consequences and findings with justifications and deductions from Part 1. 2 and 3. Then fix an executive concern study to the company’s senior direction to seek their fiscal support and mandate to ship on the undertaking.


CIS8000 Global Information Systems Strategy

Assignment A

Taging standards
You are strongly advised to read the marker standards carefully before get downing on your assignment. In peculiar. note the Markss allotment for each portion and sub-part in Activities. Ensure that the length of your solution should be commensurate with the allocated Markss.

General guidelines for Activity B

Your entry must be submitted to the CEO as a study in a individual papers. non an essay. Please note that studies do hold subheadings and an appropriate missive of transmission is required. The word count does non include the undermentioned: executive sum-up. missive of transmission. tabular array of contents. figures. tabular arraies. mentions or appendices. The organic structure of the study should be about 2000 words in length and you may lose Markss if it varies by more than 10 % .

You must show extra research from outside the text. Suggestions for other mentions include other general texts on information systems direction. industry diaries. periodicals. electronic databases etc. ( many of which are available online from the USQ Library at:

Use the Harvard referencing format for in-text mentions and the mention list. Your mentions should include at least one web/electronic nexus but all the mentions should non be from the web ( ie URLs ) . Mention to chapter 2 ( citing ) of the Communication Skills Handbook 3ed. for farther inside informations.

Inappropriate referencing or inordinate grammar/spelling mistakes will incur a punishment. You should forbear from cutting and gluing balls of stuffs from the Internet as this will be treated as plagiarism. To avoid any allegation of academic misconduct from unwilled plagiarism from Internet beginnings it is mandatory that you use the TURNITIN package to look into your work before subjecting it. Remember TURNITIN may take more than 24 hours to bring forth the study. There are few other free applications available on the net to look into plagiarism and you are allowed to utilize them every bit good.

You must province your premises clearly. formalize the declared premises through proper

literature hunt. supply a compelling instance for cost and budget figures. You may utilize any format for the study. and the Internet provides many illustrations of Executive Type study. and you are encouraged to seek for samples that suit your demands. ( each study supposed to hold title page. missive of transmittal. tabular array of contents. executive sum-up. decision & A ; recommendations. mentions and appendixes )

Report arranging instructions

Major headers should be in upper instance. 14 point Times New Roman Bold. Minor headers should be in lower-case. 12 point Times New Roman Bold. Body text should be formatted to 12 point. Times New Roman.

Page size should be A4. Allow for a 25 millimeter border on both sides of each page. a 25 millimeter border at the top of each page and a 25 millimeter border at the underside of each page. Use individual line spacing.
Your assignment should be submitted in one of the undermentioned formats: – Portable Document Format ( . pdf ) .


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