Citizen of the United States Essay

September 16, 2017 Philosophy

I would specify a citizen as person. who was born in. or to a certain topographic point. who is guaranteed certain rights in the topographic point that they were born in.

Citizenship in the United States means that a individual is a lawfully recognized member of the state. Each citizen has equal rights under the jurisprudence. All citizens have certain rights. privileges. and duties.

Americans who are non citizens have many of the same rights. privileges. and duties of citizens. However. they do non hold such of import rights as the right to vote in elections. function on juries. or keep elected office. Means that a individual is recognized as a legal member of the state gives each individual certain rights and privileges. e. g. . the right to vote and to keep public office means each individual has certain duties. e. g. . esteeming the jurisprudence. vote. paying revenue enhancements. functioning on juries explain that citizens owe commitment or trueness to the United States ; in bend they receive protection and other services from the authorities

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Nothing is more of import to America than citizenship ; there is more confidence of our hereafter in the single character of our citizens than in any proposal I. and all the wise advisors I can garner. can of all time set into consequence in Washington.

Warren G. Harding ( 1920 )

Rights of persons. Citizens have rights. personal rights. e. g. . to tie in with whomever one pleases. populate where one chooses. pattern the faith of one’s pick. travel freely and return to the United States. emigrate political rights. e. g. . to vote. talk freely and knock the authorities. articulation organisations that try to act upon authorities policies. fall in a political party. seek and keep public office economic rights. e. g. . to ain belongings. take one’s work. alter employment. fall in a labour brotherhood. set up a concern Citizens non merely must be cognizant of their rights. they must besides exert them responsibly and they must carry through those duties necessary to a self-governing. free. and merely society.

No governmental action. no economic philosophy. no economic program or undertaking can replace that God-imposed duty of the single adult male and adult female to their neighbours.

Herbert Hoover ( 1931 )

Citizens have rights. personal duties. e. g. . taking attention of themselves. accepting duty for the effects of their actions. taking advantage of the chance to be educated. back uping their households

civic duties. e. g. . obeying the jurisprudence. esteeming the rights of others. being informed and attentive to the demands of their community. paying attending to how good their elected leaders are making their occupations. pass oning with their representatives in their school. local. province. and national authoritiess. vote. paying revenue enhancements. functioning on juries. functioning in the armed forces


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