Civil War Inevitable Essay

September 22, 2017 General Studies

By the terminal of 1854 the two subdivisions. the North ( Union ) and the South ( Confederacy ) had reached an deadlock and that Civil War was inevitable Oklahoman or subsequently. The struggles grew tenseness between the two. the fabricating subdivision of the North and the agricultural South. which led to Civil War. Between the North and the South there were economic. societal and political differences. The North had a figure of ends refering bondage and the South. The North wanted to get rid of bondage. halt the spread of bondage in the western districts. and the spreading of bondage in Kansas. And the immediate ground for the Civil War was to salvage the brotherhood. While the South wanted to go on bondage. spread bondage throughout the western districts. and guarantee constitution in Kansas district.

However. after prehending Mexico and the spreading of districts westward the South depended extremely on bondage because of the “cotton king” . One of these districts included the Kansas-Nebraska where many fledglings and the proslavery colonists began to travel into the district. In this district after the 1852 election. the impermanent peace of the Compromise of 1850 came to an terminal. Senator Stephen Douglas passes the Kansas-Nebraska Act which created two new districts of Kansas and Nebraska. The position of bondage in the country was decided to be by popular sovereignty. This act wrecked two via medias The Compromise of 1820. and 1850. and the democratic party. While the act formed a new party: the Republicans.

Throughout many via medias. and conflicts one of the big determinations was the Dred Scott determination. Dred Scott. who had lived in Illinois for 5 old ages with his maestro. sued his maestro for his freedom because Illinois was a free province. The determination concluded by the tribunal ruled that because the slave was a belongings the maestro could take them in any country. With this determination it delighted the Southerners’ . while it made the Northerners’ angry.

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As the North and the South became angry at each other and took different sides. one of the chief struggles was the election of 1860. The new Republican Party chose Abraham Lincoln for their campaigner. which won for president. Now with Lincoln being the president the south felt really uncomfortable since Lincoln wanted a preserve brotherhood and anti-slavery. For this ground South Carolina win from the brotherhood. As subsequently on more provinces started wining from the Union. where they formed the Confederacy. This outraged the North. Now the North and the South had become two different subdivisions. doing the Civil was inevitable.

The being of bondage was the chief struggle between the North and the South that led to other struggles such as the Kansas-Nebraska Act. the Dred Scott determination. and the election of President Abraham Lincoln. The struggles made the Civil War inevitable to get away. The two subdivisions had two different picks the North wanted to get rid of bondage while the South the opposite. But after the South seceded the Civil War started.


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