Class Based Oppression

June 14, 2018 History

The artist in this illustration provides the general public his general outlook on how the system treats different classes. More specifically he focusses on the topic of taxes and how the lower class is affected by it. He addresses the capitalist mentality where the rich pay the same amount of taxes as the power. For example a man who is making 1 million dollars a year may be paying 25 thousand for taxes while an individual making 50 thousand a year would pay similarly the same amount. The artist views this as unjust and oppressive.

It can be seen through the illustration that the boot which symbolizes the system is crushing the minute people who symbolize the lower class The artist basses his illustration on exploitation, in this scenario the lower class are unfairly treated. Through the use of exploitation the author references institutionalized oppression where the system is the cause of the oppression. This form of oppression has been apparent thorough out history, from the medieval time where the feudal system oppressed the serfs (lower class) system and granted the lords nique privileges or the 3 estates of the French revolution where the Roman Catholic Church was granted rights above all the other classes. This leads to the current problem which the author addresses, the unfair tax and regulation that the government gives to the lower class and favors the upper class.

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This results in the exploitation of the working In my opinion I would agree with this oppression, although at first glance we may perceive this as a minute problem however if you take a second glance you will ealize the how bad the current state of this oppression is. For example the upper class tax payment is insignificant in comparison to the amount of money which they make in contrast the lower class tax payment is much more significant and thus resulting in an unjust treatment that they receive. This illustration clearly depicts this oppression. In conclusion in this illustration the artist depicts the lower class as the oppressed while the unjust system is the oppressor. This form of oppression is quite common and


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