Classic Novel vs. Theater Flic

December 31, 2016 General Studies

The Age of Innocence was written by Edith Wharton and published in1920. In the 1920’s the medium in which entertainment was distributed was the mass production of books. Now in the 21st century the best way to introduce a story to many is by making it into a movie. That is why The Age of Innocence was transformed into a movie in 1993 by director Martin Scorsese. The story and the emotions that come with it has stayed the same, but the format by which it is distributed has changed to meet the new standard that must be achieved to become successful with today’s society. So with authentic settings, great acting and innovative cinematography, The Age of Innocence movie has now gained popularity with the generations of today. That is why now with audio and visual cues, the movie is the preferred way to tell this story. .

The Age of Innocence is set in the early 1870s and naturally many of the wealthy patrons of New York live in a life of luxury with beautiful houses full of elaborate furnishings and decorations. On the night of the annual Beaufort ball, everyone gathers at the Beaufort’s mansion. .

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“.the house had been boldly planned with a ball room-, so that, instead of squeezing through a narrow passage to get to it one parched solemnly down a vista of enfiladed drawing rooms (the sea-green, the crimson and the bouton d”or), seeing from afar the many-candled lustres reflected in the polished parquetry, and beyond that the depths of a conservatory where camellias and tree ferns arched their costly foliage over seats of black and gold bamboo.”(Wharton 17)In the novel, the house is described with quite a bit of detail, but when actually seen in the movie the true beauty is brought out for all to see with impeccable accuracy to the book. .

In the book we are introduced to a Mrs. Mingott. She is a very large woman who can no longer move up and down stairs. When visiting her house “yo caught (through a door that was always open, and a looped-back yellow damask portiere) the unexpected vista of a bedroom with a huge low bed upholstered like a sofa, and a toilet-table with frivolous lace flounces and a gilt-framed mirror”.


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