Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning Essay

By July 17, 2017 Engineering

A well-known wellness and beauty company. Paramount is establishing a high-technology nondisposable razor. Clean Edge. They are seeking for the most efficient manner to derive market portion. Their concerns come down to three chief jobs: whether they should aim niche market and monetary value the merchandise in the super-premium section. or aim mainstream market and addition wide entreaty. ; whether they should merely stress the merchandise name “Clean Edge” or add “Paramount” at the forepart to broaden trade name image ; whether they should prolong current market allotments and concentrate on niche market or increase the selling budget for extended advertizement in the mainstream market.


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In the yesteryear. nondisposable razors simply served as hair taking tool for the huge bulk of the population. However. harmonizing to Exhibit 1. as personal images became of import in societal life. hair taking everyday became a agency of deriving assurance for some people. For this ground. clients started to seek nondisposable razor that non merely efficaciously removes hair but besides protects tegument. and farther gives them sense of luxury by using the best engineering. Understanding customers’ inclination to ever seek for newest and advanced merchandises. Paramount developed Clean Edge utilizing their alone engineering. Although they were confident about quality of their merchandise. their competitory place was non stable. They had two large rivals. Benet & A ; Klein and Prince which already had loyal clients throughout the universe. non to advert other new rivals that started to endanger Paramount with their groundbreaking merchandises. Furthermore. because Benet & A ; Klein and Prince’s expenditures in advertisement exceeded those of Paramount. it was hard for Paramount to take away the market portion and trade name acknowledgment. Using 4P scheme to analyse Paramount’s potency was helpful.

Clean Edge is a really competitory and advanced merchandise that can pull a batch of work forces of all ages. They besides have increasing retail channels that allow them to sell Clean Edge in a diverseness of locales. The job occurs when finding the monetary value of this merchandise and finding promotional mercantile establishments. If the monetary value of Clean Edge is lower than other bing nondisposable razors. it surely would derive broader entreaty. but will non be welcomed by clients who are looking for high-end merchandises. This perchance would convey about cannibalization. eating out their ain trade name image. On the other manus. if the monetary value is higher than other bing nondisposable razors. it may successfully come in niche market. but clients who are already loyal to Paramount may be wooed off to seek for other trade names. Their determination on a proper monetary value point besides influences their promotional schemes. If they decide to stay in the niche market they merely need to aim a specific client group who would be intrigued by their merchandises. therefore. their outgos in advertisement would probably diminish.

This is more effortless and direct. since Paramount is already cognizant of the demographic section of the market. However. they would hold to cultivate certain promotional schemes to construct steadfast and intimate relationship with potentially would go loyal clients of Paramount. If they maintain a mainstream place. their gross would increase since they would sell more. but they would hold to gestate ways of acquiring more clients involved. from advertizements utilizing media to dismiss publicities. This can be clearly seen in Exhibit 7. Although in niche placement. production unit cost is higher and unit volume is much lower than in mainstream placement. advertisement and publicity costs are more than two times lower. Their attempt of making out to more people is revealed in publicity costs.


Niche Market – From Exhibit 5. it is clear that Paramount’s market portion is steadily increasing while other competitors’ market portions are somewhat fluctuating. This is decidedly the perfect timing for Paramount to better their trade name quality by come ining to the niche market. at the same clip decelerating down strong growing of new rivals. Harmonizing to fiscal informations ( see appendix 1 ) . it is true that net net income is much higher in mainstream placement. due to higher volume and lower unit cost. However. sing that Paramount’s nondisposable razor market portion is continuously increasing from Paramount Pro and Avail. which are non super-premium merchandises. all of a sudden presenting Clean Edge in the mainstream market to acquire aggregate entreaty would cannibalise Paramount’s bing trade names. potentially degrading Paramount as a ‘cheap brand’ . Make non maintain “by the Paramount” label – Considering that Prince and Benet & A ; Klein are still better known to clients non merely for the razors but besides for other wellness and beauty merchandises. it is uneasy for Paramount to acquire their trade name name widespread in the market. particularly when they are passing less budget on advertisement. Radiance. the new rival that specifically targeted super-premium razor market and spent $ 16. 1 million dollars on advertisement in 2010. successfully entered and survived the competition. and bit by bit gained rubric of ‘super-premium’ trade name.

On the other manus. because Paramount originally started with mid-low priced value merchandises. it is hard to foretell customers’ reaction when they launch Clean Edge with the name of Paramount. Predictions may change but some clients would non swear the high-end merchandises made by Paramount. Since some Paramount executives believe design is the major discovery that will distinguish Clean Edge from other nondisposable razors. Paramount can get down off with a whole new image. without holding to attach their trade name name. A good illustration is Lexus. the luxury vehicle division of Nipponese car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation. One of the biggest grounds why Lexus gained world-wide net income was because they did non stress the everyday trade name of Toyota. Sustain current allotments but partly increase publicizing budget- Ad is a necessity when it comes to establishing new merchandise. Nonetheless Clean Edge has a groundbreaking design. without the support of advertizement. it is impossible to pull clients to seek new merchandises.

It is sensible to set more budget allotments. but utilizing a wholly different attack from mainstream placement. Promotions such as free tests or cents-off vouchers are for client groups that are easy affected by fluctuating monetary values. What Paramount is taking for is the client groups that are seeking for high-end luxury merchandises that would bring forth societal and emotional satisfaction. Traditional Television and Newspaper advertizements may accommodate such a niche market. since a batch of clients who tend to utilize nondisposable razors are in older age groups. Consequently. good client service in doing them experience particular is indispensable to the niche market. Particularly because involved razor users believe shave is a manner of bettering their self-pride. they would desire to be treated in a manner that they are being cared. Using societal media to constantly connect with the clients is a great attack to win over customers’ head. Allocating budget in client service hence. is another manner to derive loyal clients.


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